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5 Best Google Ads Courses Ranked & Reviewed

Best Google Ads Courses

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Daily, Google records millions of searches all over the world. What this means is that many advertisers are competing for impression share in Google’s auction with their max CPC bid and their quality score.

Google Ads, as we all know, is a very effective means to promote businesses. Now, by taking courses on Google ads, you will gain access to helpful resources and guides that can boost your quality score, lessen your CPC and get more leads and sales for less cost.

With many courses available for you to explore, there are some which are much better and more useful than the others. You will need a guide to begin on the right path and make the most out of Google Ads.

In this article, we’ve selected and reviewed the best Google ad courses for you based on their useful features and pricing.

What Are the Best Google Ads Courses?

Very often, It can be daunting to find suitable courses that are cost-effective and helpful for people with different levels of experience.

After reviewing the different Google ad courses available, we were able to come up with some of the best options for you. These Google Ads courses are suitable for advertisers at any experience level.

So, whether you’re a beginner looking to start your advertising career, or an intermediate or expert learner looking to improve your marketing skills, below is the list of our top picks of the best Google Ads courses:

  • Google Ads Training Academy by Clicksgeek
  • Jason Whaling’s all-in-one Google Ads course
  • Skillshop
  • Google Ads Essential Training
  • Ultimate Google Ads Course – Udemy

1. Google Ads Training Academy by Clicksgeek

Google Ads Training Academy brought by Clicks Geek is an online course that shows you how to create and run Google Ads campaigns for your business. It provides concise, easy-to-understand online video courses.

In addition to being easy to use, Clicksgeek offers a proven outline that guides you in building your own Google Ads campaigns. That way, you can attract and convert more prospects and calls.

Top Features

  • Clicksgeek offers a 16-module course curriculum on everything you need to know about using Google Ads to generate leads.
  • Contains comprehensive courses on Google Ads training, AdWords campaign, AdWords Editor, Ad Copy, Keywords, Conversion Tracking, and many more.
  • Provides a beginner-friendly, step-by-step guide to Adwords and a quickstart campaign setup.
  • Available courses are concise, detailed, and frequently updated.
  • A resource tab containing links to essential tools required for building successful campaigns and everything concerning advertising.
  • Focuses on using Google Ad campaigns to increase lead generation. So, you will only be learning everything within this scope.
  • The training is found in the new and updated Google Ads/ Adwords interface.


The Clicksgeek Google Ads Training courses cost $197. There are no free trials or free versions of this product.

Also, Clicksgeek offers no refunds because their products are offered through internet download. However, you might get a refund if you’re yet to watch or download the product.

Bottom Line

Google Ads Training Academy by Clicksgeek offers an array of comprehensive courses that can help even a beginner to create effective Google ads campaigns from the ground up.

Moreover, you will learn proven ways to set up a functional lead generation channel. That way, it’s easy to collect more phone calls and convert prospects with each newly built campaign.

It doesn’t matter your niche, Google Ad Training Academy provides courses that can put your business in your customer’s faces. The lessons are also best suited for local businesses; anyone can build localized Google AdGroups, restructure ad campaigns and set up excellent landing pages using them.

If you are struggling with increasing your products’ reach, this is the best course to take.

2. Jason Whaling’s all-in-one Google Ads course

This is a digital marketing consultant and YouTuber that provides YouTube video courses on Google Ads training and everything on digital marketing.

Jason Whaling’s Google Ads training course is a step-wise approach to understanding Google Ads/Adwords. He also provides useful templates to enable business owners to build lead-generating campaigns for their businesses.

For as little as $5 daily, you will learn how to build and run successful campaigns and use keywords to convert your target prospects.

Top Features

  • Helps you to structure your Google Ads account and campaigns.
  • Educates on the use of Keyword targeting to generate and increase leads.
  • Teaches how to construct messages and craft ad copies.
  • Introduces cycle strategy as a means of measuring and improving customer experience.
  • Employs marketing experimentation to avoid trial and error, develop new strategies, and prove existing ones.
  • It Teaches bid optimization and how to bid strategy can be used based on your budget.
  • Remarketing campaigns to increase lead conversions.
  • Provides beginner-friendly template library and sales funnel blueprint that focuses on restoring cold traffic to leads
  • Shows how to use Google Tag Manager to add and update tags that you can use to track lead conversions, site analytics, and every other marketing activity.


Jason Whaling’s course in Google Ads is free on YouTube. But he offers other paid extensive courses on Udemy.

Bottom Line

Jason Whaling’s Google Ads training course is detailed and easy to understand. Although newbies can relate to some beginner-friendly topics, the course is best for intermediate learners. This is because some topics are advanced and technical, hence suited for intermediate and advanced learners.

The course is free and available on YouTube. This is a great place to start if you want to begin your digital marketing career journey.

3. Skillshop

Skillshop is a learning platform designed by Google for digital marketing and Google Ads. Anyone with basic knowledge and interest in digital marketing can engage in Google Ad classes and improve their skill in building successful ad campaigns.

With over a hundred video courses on digital marketing available, Google Skillshop is one of the most comprehensive online digital marketing resources you can find. It has a wide range of certification programs on Analytics, Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, Waze, Google My Business, Authorized Buyers, Google AdMob, and so on.

Top Features

  • Google Skillshop offers free training in over 20 qualifications. It also offers free certificates upon course completion, for instance, Google AdWords Certification, Google Ads Shopping Certification, Google Ads Search Certification, and Google Ads Certification.
  • There are courses available for every concept and aspect of the Google Ads campaign.
  • Duration of course lessons extends over 25 hours to 3-4 months.
  • Covers basic Google Ads lessons including Google Ads glossary, search intent, Shopping, Tag Manager, Google Video Ads, keywords, ads building, and how to use extensions. You will also discover other additional offers like campaign building, running and creating of ad groups, and tracking metrics.
  • Provides insights on how you can write an Ad copy as well as all the Ad copy rules and best practices.
  • Courses cover proper installing and using Google conversion tracking on your website or blog.
  • You will learn how to track and evaluate campaign performance and site analytics.
  • The courses teach about bidding strategies, and bidding options (smart and manual). Also, how to select which bidding option strategy works.
  • Explains everything on reporting and optimization strategies to use in running Google Ad campaigns.
  • It highlights all you need to know about building and using remarketing campaign strategies.
  • Using Google Search user experience to improve customer performance.


Courses and certifications offered by Google Skillshop are all 100% free. With a Skillshop account, and ample time, you can easily access the materials available.

The courses were formerly being paid for, with the cost ranging from $49.99 to $499.99. However, the newly updated Google Skillshop has no fees attached.

Bottom Line

Google Skillshop is the ideal starting place for every beginner in digital marketing.

With over 20 free courses available, you can improve your marketing skills and get certified. It is great for online marketers, start-ups, or bloggers who intend to improve their skills and add to their certificates.

4. Google Ads Essential Training

Google Ads Essential Training is provided by LinkedIn and tutored by Brad Batesole, a partner of Madecraft. It is a beginner crash course on Google Ads that covers digital marketing essentials for complete beginners.

This course also elaborates on the basics of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google Ads.

Top Features

  • The course is a single extensive crash course that lasts for 3 hours and 8 minutes.
  • It focuses on teaching everything about Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), and how to use it to generate and convert leads.
  • The course provides an elaborate introduction to the basics of Google Ads/Adwords.
  • You will learn the methods of researching and targeting Keywords
  • It covers the basics of building and running Google Ads campaigns
  • It teaches you advanced advertising tracking and how to monitor your campaign performance.
  • You will learn how to implement keywords and key optimization strategies to improve lead conversions.
  • The course provides an advanced topic that covers ad extensions. This is a great feature that can help to increase your click-through rate.
  • Everything on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing basics are available in the course.
  • The course provides 9 quizzes to test your knowledge. Plus, you’d get a Linked Learning certificate of completion after finishing the course and quizzes.


The Google Ads Essential Training course is free to download and access. However, you will need a premium LinkedIn Learning subscription that costs $29.99/month. With this subscription, you will gain access to the entire library.

Bottom Line

The LinkedIn Learning Google Ad Essential Training is great for beginners and intermediate learners.

It is also good for business owners who do not have time, as the course is concise and detailed at the same time. LinkedIn offers a 1 month free trial for subscribers to their premium account.

5. Ultimate Google Ads Course – Udemy

Mark Meyerson, the Senior Marketing Specialist for Udemy developed the Ultimate Google Ads Course. It formerly contained over 25 hours of video tutorials on Google Ads. But recently, the course has been shortened to a 4-hour intensive crash course.

This course has been updated to cover all the new changes on the Google Ad/Adwords interface. It comes in a handbook-guide form that helps you through the daily process of running and evaluating Google Ad campaigns.

Top Features

  • The course provides an in-depth and overall introduction to Google Ads, its uniqueness and effectiveness in improving businesses
  • Complete beginners will learn basic key terms, terminologies, and concepts. The course also gives intensive tutorials on the setting up of a Google Ads account.
  • You will find detailed and comprehensive topics on strategically building accounts on technical and strategic levels to improve lead conversions/sales.
  • A feature to note is how the course explains the distinction between strategies and tactics, and how these concepts affect the effectiveness of your Google ads.
  • The course provides blueprints for setting up, running, and managing successful campaigns.
  • You will learn how to use planning, research, and strategy generation to boost campaign success. The course provides various marketing research tools.
  • The fundamental optimization topic explains the basics of regular monitoring of daily and weekly activities such as search relevance and Ad copy testing.
  • The course also teaches intermediate learners on how to use advanced optimization such as experiment setup, Google Tag Manager, and so on.
  • You will learn methods of troubleshooting common issues such as no sales/conversion, Ads not running.
  • Udemy provides a certificate of completion after the course is finished.


This course is listed for $59.95 but it’s currently on sale at $9.99 for May. Discounts and coupons are also available.

Bottom Line

This course is suited for complete beginners and online marketers who want to improve their digital marketing skills. Marketers who do not have time will equally benefit from the course.

You should expect to be provided with marketing tools and templates that will aid learning when you purchase this course. Udemy also gives a course preview for potential students.

What Is The Best Google Ads Course?

Regardless of your level of experience, the Google Ads Training Academy, Jason Whaling’s all-in-one Google Ads course, Skillshop, Google Ads Essential Training, and Ultimate Google Ads Course are all ideal for you to sharpen your skill.

We’ve handpicked these courses based on the criteria of ease of learning, content quality, certification, pricing, and other exceptional features. Nonetheless, individuals are often advised to opt for the Google Ads Training Academy courses. Not only is it simple to assimilate, but you will also learn how to keep campaigns running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Google Ads certification is the best?

Google Skillshop provides the best Google Ads certifications. It offers a wide range of free courses available with accredited certificates. You can use them to boost your CV after completing the courses and tests.

Is Google Ads certification worth it?

Yes. Aside from boosting your qualifications and strengthening your basic knowledge of Google Ads, this certification helps you gain credibility and ensures competence.

What are the most effective Google Ads?

The most effective Google Ads are ones that directly meet your campaign goals.

For example, if your goal is sales, “search and shopping” Google Ads would be ideal. Similarly, if you hope to achieve brand awareness at the end of your campaign, video and display ads are more effective.

Is Google Ads certification difficult?

To an extent, yes. Beyond putting in the time and effort to acquire in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, you will also need a passing score of 80% to ace the exam.

The good news is that if you don’t pass the exams on the first trial, there’s room to retake them after 7 days.

Can I make money with Google Ad certification?

Yes, you can make money with Google Ads certifications by recommending yourself to both local, and international businesses as a digital marketer. Agencies are not left out too.

To begin, you will need real-life experiences to master marketing skills and get results. You can also use AdSense—a google advertising program—to make money from the number of clicks on your website, blog, or Youtube channel.


In this article, we reviewed the 5 best Google Ads courses for May 2022. If you have zero knowledge of digital marketing, we recommend that you begin your journey using the comprehensive Clicksgeek Google Ads Training Academy, Jason Whaling’s Google Ads course, or Google Skillshop. To up your game while on a budget, we suggest you go for the Google Ad Essential Training and/or the Ultimate Google Ads course by .

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Rob Warner

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