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SEMrush Review: One of the Best SEO Tools In the Market

Semrush review

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When it comes to online marketing platforms, Semrush is regarded by many as the best. For experts, marketing teams, larger firms, and anyone else who requires the most complete SEO toolset available, this is the finest option for SEO tools.

Thinking about conducting research or analysis on digital marketing or SEO with SEMrush? We’ll assist you in determining whether or not this tool is appropriate for you in our in-depth SEMrush review.

We’ll go over each feature and determine which aspects of SEMrush make it a good fit for particular companies.

What is SEMrush?

Semrush is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that offers a full suite of SEO tools that can be accessed through one intuitive interface.

Businesses can increase their online performance and visibility by using the digital marketing tool SEMrush. Numerous capabilities are available to assist businesses with content marketing, social media, PPC, SEO, and competitive analysis.

The one-stop shop for marketing was created with agencies, independent contractors, and internal teams in mind. Although its premium price, vast keyword database, and abundant reporting capabilities may make it ideal for SEO experts, novices will still find plenty to appreciate about it.

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Who Created SEMrush?

The CEO and co-founder of SEMrush is Oleg Shchgolev. In 2006, he also developed SEOquake when he was inspired to create something more complicated. Then, with Dimitri Melnikov as his partner, SEMrush was born.

With 500 workers, revenues approaching $100 million, and over 2 million users globally, SEMrush has been on the market for ten years.

Best Features

Domain Overview

The domain overview module will provide you with information about the advantages and disadvantages of the website of your rival. Semrush will provide you with a report on the website’s organic search traffic, paid search traffic (if any), and the number of backlinks in the first fold if you simply type the URLs of your competitors into the search field.

Additionally, Semrush will display the traffic distribution across various places as well as the number of keywords that the domain ranks for in each of them.

If you’d like to check how much traffic a site receives via SEO or Google Ads, this report will help you rapidly determine that. But each of the in-depth subreports is where the true value is.

Site Audit

One can set up the site audit tool to examine websites regularly. It finds issues that could be detrimental to a website’s search engine optimization. Every time a website is updated or expanded, there’s a chance that all of the work that went into optimizing its SEO will go to nothing. That is avoided by the site audit feature, which facilitates prompt issue response.

Organic Search

That is how Semrush determines which organic rivals’ keywords receive the most traffic, enabling you to identify their top-performing keywords by reverse engineering.

One of the wisest things you can do to increase organic traffic to your website is to write better content on the keywords that your competitors are targeting and currently performing.

Keyword Research

Businesses can find pertinent target keywords for their SEO and PPC operations by using SEMRush’s Keyword Research tool.

With the use of the tool’s extensive keyword difficulty level, search volume, and CPC data, businesses can maximize the impact of their ads. Using these keyword ideas, determining the most lucrative and popular phrases in your niche is simple.

Leveraging this fantastic keyword research tool, you can obtain some additional crucial information in comparison to the Google search console: KD%, Intent, CPC Value, Total Volume, Trend, Featured Snippet, Current ranks (device-specific), etc.

You can quickly determine whether the keywords you select are a good fit for your website.

Project Dashboard Widget

The Project Dashboard Widget is another potent SEMrush tool that marketers find extremely useful. As its name suggests, this dashboard displays an overview of your website’s stats and ranking. Having a comprehensive overview of your completed work and future goals is amazing. The site audit shows the overall health of your site; position tracking delves into the health of your keywords; and organic traffic insights present the traffic to your website.

Competitor Analysis

With SEMRush’s competitive analysis tool, firms may learn about the digital marketing tactics used by their rivals. It offers information on backlink profiles, top-performing content, and organic and sponsored search ranks of competitors.

Position Tracking

You can see where you are right now in your designated area and whether any SERP features include your keywords, thanks to the position tracking tool. Data on search volume, the page on which the keywords are ranking, and the variation in position across the periods you have chosen will all be displayed. That is revolutionary since it enables us to conduct live SEO sessions with our clients.

Market Explorer Tool

SEMrush provides the ability to check how other businesses are performing in the market and gain exceptionally deep marketing information. The market explorer tool gives you a competitive advantage and does the same thing for you. With the help of the SEMrush program, you can not only research your competitors but also determine if they are established, specialized, or game-changing. You pick up knowledge about items that can help you with SEO and function as industry leaders. The best part is you can observe which websites are getting the most traffic. Which strategy do they use? Above all, the audience’s demographics.

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SEMrush Pricing

Depending on the demands of the audience and the size of their digital marketing activities, Semrush provides three priced options:

Pro Plan

Semrush’s Pro plan is the centerpiece of their product line. a basic package that offers a hint of what Semrush has to offer. You will have to pay $129.95 a month for as long as you want to stay on this plan.

The Pro plan—any Semrush plan—comes with an extra 17% off if you choose yearly billing.

Semrush’s solid research capabilities, such as mobile rank tracking, backlink audits, domain analysis, and keyword research tools, are still fully accessible with this plan. With the site audit tool, you can add up to 20,000 pages per project.

Guru Plan

The monthly cost of the Guru plan is $249.95. If you are prepared to pay for the entire year, the Guru plan costs $208.33 a month with an additional 17% discount.

Consultants, expanding agencies, and small enterprises can all benefit from this mid-tier plan.

Up to 15 projects and 20 PDF reports may be created with the Guru plan. You get 1,000 more keywords and 9 more targets for rank tracking than with the Pro plan—that is, 1,500 keywords for up to 10 targets (a different region, device, or language).

Business Plan

Professionals and organizations can benefit from the prior two Semrush programs designed for part-time work. But where things take off is in the SEMrush business plan. Guru Plan can handle a small number of SEO customers, but only the business plan will suffice if you run a large SEO service with a sizable clientele.

The monthly cost of the Semrush Business package is $449.95. With a yearly payment, it would be $374.95.

Research on product listing advertisements, the sharing of voice statistics, and access to the API (application programming interface) are available with this membership.

SEMrush Alternatives

Here are the best SEMrush alternatives:


Both tools, Ahrefs and SEMRush are comparable in several aspects, particularly in terms of interfaces, design, and methodology. Ahrefs is a feature-rich SEO toolkit provider that strives to provide an all-in-one solution.

Although Ahrefs was first developed as a tool for backlink research, it has now been enhanced with other capabilities to rank among the top SEO tools available. With over 5 million pages crawled each minute, the SEO tool claims to be the most active web crawler. 


This program is a solid substitute for SEMRush and may be used to manage a whole marketing campaign. You can get all the information you want on SEO, PPC, and competitive analysis with SpyFu. In addition, reports may be generated, customized, and scheduled based on your requirements. 


Mangools Suite is your best pick if you’re hunting for a Semrush competitor that finds a mix between pricing, user experience, and functionality. The platform features one of the greatest user-friendly interfaces that’s easy to use and nice-looking.


Does SEMrush offer a free trial?

Semrush also has a seven-day free trial period with its pricier services. You may try all of its analytics features without having to risk losing your money if Semrush doesn’t live up to your expectations (which is doubtful).

Does SEMrush work for PPC?

Absolutely! Enter any phrase or the website name of a rival to get all the juicy information about their business strategy, including the keywords they rank for and the locations of their PPC ads.

Can you connect Google Analytics to SEMrush?

To integrate Semrush with Google Analytics and Search Console, you must have a certain amount of rights under your Google account. There are two ways to verify if users have been permitted to access it: either by going into a specific property or view and then arranging the column headers appropriately or from their Semrush/GA profile page.

The Wrap-Up

If you take your SEO seriously, Semrush is an invaluable resource. The plans are reasonably priced, and the features are distributed equally. That implies that the value you receive is justified even if you choose to purchase the lowest basic plan.

Over 10 million people trust the platform, and it keeps growing because of its balanced performance.

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Rob Warner

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