Jason Whaling All In one Google Ads Course Review

Joe Troyer

Updated September 15, 2023

Jason Whaling All In one Google Ads Course Review

Table of Content

Table of Contents

Are you looking to take your Google Ads skills to the next level? If so, then Jason Whaling’s All In One Google Ads Course is just what you need. This comprehensive course provides an in-depth look at everything from setting up campaigns and writing powerful ad copy to optimize your accounts for maximum performance. With over 10 hours of video content and dozens of downloadable resources, this course will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to become a successful Google Ads advertiser. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s something here for everyone! Read on for our full review of Jason Whaling’s All In One Google Ads Course.

Best Free Google Ads Training Courses for Beginners

The world of digital marketing can be intimidating for those just starting out, and Jason Whaling’s Google Ads is a particularly complex platform. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent free resources to help get beginners up to speed. Here are some of the best free Google Ads training courses for beginners.

Google Digital Garage is the official Google Ads learning platform and offers a vast library of lessons and resources on all aspects of digital marketing. For those looking to quickly understand how to use Google Ads, its ‘Grow your business with Google Ads’ course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of setting up Google Ads campaigns, including budgeting, ad groups, keyword research, and more. The course also comes with helpful assessments designed to test learners’ understanding as they work their way through the content.

WordStream’s ‘Free PPC Training Course’ is another great resource specifically designed for beginner level users looking to gain an understanding of how Google Ads works. It covers topics such as setting up Google Ad campaigns, creating effective ads, and optimizing delivery according to budget and objectives. There is also a handy guide providing tips on how to set up tracking in order to properly measure campaign performance over time.

For a more in-depth look at using search ads within Google Ads, Skillshop Academy’s ‘Search Advertising Advanced Certification’ course provides detailed information on keyword targeting tactics like close variant matching or broad match modifiers. The course also includes important lessons on bidding strategies that will allow users to achieve their desired outcomes from campaigns without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, becoming familiar with Google Ads does require some time investment but there is no need for beginners to feel overwhelmed by this process – luckily there are plenty of free resources available that can provide guidance along the way. Whether it be digital marketing basics through Google Digital Garage or advanced search advertising techniques through Skillshop Academy, there are many options available that cater to any user’s individual levels of knowledge and goals they wish to accomplish with digital marketing campaigns.

What is the Best Course for Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the most popular and effective forms of digital marketing, allowing businesses to reach a wide variety of audiences across the globe. The best course for Google Ads depends on your individual needs and goals. If you are looking to learn the basics of Google Ads, there are courses available that cover topics such as creating an account, setting up campaigns, selecting keywords, optimizing bids, and analyzing performance data. For more advanced users, Google Ads courses on topics like automated bidding strategies, shopping campaigns, and remarketing can help you get the most out of your digital advertising budget.

The Google Ad Certification program is also a great way to demonstrate proficiency in Google AdWords skills. Following the completion of this program, you will be able to show employers or clients that your knowledge is up-to-date with current industry trends and best practices. Additionally, it can also help open doors for additional training opportunities or job offers.

For those who are completely new to Google Ads or have limited experience managing campaigns but need to learn quickly, online classes or seminars offer an efficient way to learn basic concepts within a relatively short time frame. From there you can decide which type of certification would be beneficial for your career goals.

In addition to the best Google Ads courses that teach basic concepts behind Google Ads and provide certification credentials, there are advanced courses available too. These courses focus on more sophisticated tactics such as multi-channel campaigns and building comprehensive strategies across multiple Google Ads platforms such as YouTube and Display Network advertising. Also covered in these programs are topics like bid optimization techniques using algorithms and machine learning models as well as in-depth analysis of how customers interact with ads through metrics like click through rate (CTR) and cost per lead (CPL).

The decision regarding choosing the right course for Google Ads depends on where you want to take your digital marketing career. Whether you want to focus on a specific marketing skill set or become certified in all areas related to Google Ads will determine which program fits best with your goals. With so many options available it’s important that you research what each program offers before committing yourself financially or investing time into completing a certain course curriculum.

Are Google Ads Certifications Worth It?

Google Ads certifications provide a recognized standard of excellence when it comes to digital marketing skills. As the online advertising landscape grows increasingly complex, having a certification that speaks to your knowledge provides you with an advantage in the job market. For employers, these certifications can serve as evidence of the employee’s expertise and reliability.

Having a Google Ads certification is also beneficial for freelance consultants and agency owners who manage campaigns on behalf of clients. Not only do they demonstrate the consultant’s expertise in the field, but they can also give prospective clients confidence when evaluating service proposals. This often leads to more business opportunities and higher pay rates, as those with certified skills have proven their proficiency in the field.

In addition to demonstrating knowledge and providing assurance to employers or clients, Google Ads certifications provide access to additional resources such as exclusive educational content and webinars that help professionals stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices. Achieving certifications also makes individuals eligible for Google-sponsored events where they can network with peers and engage in collaborative learning opportunities.

Even if someone is not actively seeking employment or consulting opportunities, becoming certified still has great benefits; it serves as an endorsement of one’s abilities while developing know-how through continuing education which is critical for success in this ever-evolving digital marketing space. With all these advantages considered, it is likely safe to say that Google Ads certifications are indeed worth it – both professionally and personally.

How Much Does a Google Ads Certification Cost?

The cost of obtaining a Google Ads certification depends on several factors, such as which type of certification you are seeking and whether or not you require additional prep materials (e.g., online courses, textbooks, etc.). Generally speaking, however, there is no fee for registering for or taking the exams required for each certification. The only cost associated with Google Ads certifications is the time spent studying for and taking the exams.

There are four different types of Google Ads certifications available: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising. Each one requires passing two separate exams in order to be certified. Depending on your level of knowledge and experience with Google Ads, you may need to study more extensively before attempting either exam. For example, some individuals opt to take online courses or purchase textbooks that provide detailed information applicable to the exam questions.

The average amount of time it takes people to pass each exam varies greatly depending on their familiarity with the material; however, people typically spend between 30-90 minutes taking each test. In terms of total cost including materials and time spent studying for and taking both exams per certification area, most people spend between $50-$200 dollars when all is said and done. Those who already have extensive experience with Google Ads may be able to reduce this cost significantly by skipping coursework or other preparatory steps that involve paying fees in addition to those associated with the tests themselves.

Do Google Ads Specialists Get Paid?

Yes, Google Ads specialists do get paid. Depending on the individual and the company they are employed by, the amount of money they make can vary greatly. In general, however, those who specialize in Google Ads tend to be highly paid professionals.

Google Ads specialists handle a variety of duties related to search engine optimization or search engine marketing (SEM) and other forms of online advertising. These professionals create an effective Google Ads campaign that draws in potential customers and creates positive results for businesses. They must also work with clients to develop strategies that maximize ROI and improve online visibility. As such, these specialists need to have extensive knowledge about multiple digital marketing channels and platforms like social media, display ads, and more.

The amount of money Google Ads specialists make is often based on experience level, location, employer type (e.g., an agency or in-house team), as well as their education and certifications. According to ZipRecruiter’s survey data, Google Ads specialists typically make between $45k – $93k per year in the United States. This range is even higher for senior-level positions – up to $120k per year – while the median salary is around $70k per year. Those who have achieved higher levels of certification may also be able to command a higher salary than average due to their increased competencies in paid search optimization tactics.

In addition to salaries, many employers offer generous bonuses or other types of compensation such as stock options or profit sharing as incentives for completing high profile campaigns or achieving exceptional results within a certain timeframe. Furthermore, many employers offer flexible hours so that employees can better balance their personal lives with professional responsibilities.

Overall, if you’re an experienced professional who specializes in Google Ads then you can expect to be rewarded handsomely for your skillset!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Ads difficult to learn?

Even those who are familiar with digital marketing may find the platform challenging, as Google Ads requires significant time and effort in order to get up-to-speed. For starters, you’ll need to understand the basics of keyword research and AdWords bidding strategies before diving into advanced techniques like remarketing and setting up conversion tracking pixels. Additionally, you have to keep up with ever-changing features and adapt quickly when new algorithms are released by Google.

Aside from the technical aspects of learning Google Ads, there are also a variety of best practices that come with managing campaigns. From writing effective ad copy to creating landing pages that convert visitors into customers, there’s no shortage of skills that you’ll need if you want your campaigns to succeed. Training materials for Google Ads are abundant (such as YouTube videos or blog posts), but these resources often don’t provide enough detail on how to implement strategies effectively – especially when dealing with real-world scenarios.

Though it can take some time and effort, mastering Google Ads is possible – even for beginners. All it takes is patience and dedication while make use of all available resources (such as tutorials or mentorship programs). Once someone has grasped the basics of using this powerful platform they will become well-equipped in running effective campaigns that can bring more customers on board!

How many hours is the Google Ads course?

Users who are completely new to Google Ads and digital advertising in general, they may find that they need between 8-10 hours of training or study in order to become comfortable with the platform. Those who already have some experience could easily spend 4-6 hours getting up to speed. This assumes that you are taking every lesson and reading all relevant material.

If you’re looking for a more extensive learning experience, there are courses available that provide much more comprehensive instruction than what is provided through the basic online tutorials. These courses will often include additional videos and other resources which can help you better understand important concepts like bidding strategies, targeting options, budgeting, and optimization tips. The average length of these courses tends to be 12-16 hours when taken in their entirety; however, this time frame is dependent upon factors such as how quickly one can absorb information and the amount of time spent on each lesson.

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