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Astra WordPress Theme Review

Astra Wordpress Review   Updated

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Astra WordPress Theme Review

It can be difficult to choose a theme for your website that works well. But why? Not only should your website be visually appealing, but you also need to make sure that the theme includes features that will help you get more visitors and keep them on your site longer.

That may be more difficult if you’re using WordPress because there are numerous themes available for your website. While some are awful, others are fantastic. Not many may be considered remarkable.

The Astra WordPress theme is one of the most amazing templates available. It is an incredibly quick, highly configurable, SEO-friendly plugin that fulfills all your requirements.

What is Astra?

Astra is one of the best WordPress themes aimed at all innovators and professionals. In addition to blogs, the theme supports portfolios and e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce. The Astra theme is well known for its speed, flexibility, and intuitive design. 

Who Created Astra?

Brainstorm Force is the developer of the WordPress theme Astra. With over 2.4 million users, this third-party theme is the most widely used in the globe. It was introduced in 2017 to assist freelancers, website developers, entrepreneurs, and pretty much everyone else in swiftly and simply creating stunning, high-converting websites.

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Top Benefits of Astra WordPress Theme

  • It’s a fast WordPress theme.
  • WordPress Astra Theme allows you to pick from more than 800 pre-made website designs
  • Mobile and SEO friendliness are present on the theme.
  • Additionally, it provides a free theme that is adequate for WordPress novices. 
  • Nearly all popular WordPress page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver, and Gutenberg, are compatible with Astra.
  • The Astra Wordpress Theme Pro pricing packages are reasonably priced, with annual starting prices as low as $47.

Best Astra WordPress Theme Features

Fully Customizable

With the help of Astra, a robust and incredibly adaptable WordPress theme, you can build the ideal website. Numerous WordPress customizer tools are available, such as a drag-and-drop page builder, pre-made templates, and an abundance of theme customization choices. You can design a cutting-edge website using Astra that looks stunning on all platforms. 

Less Requirements

If you’ve ever used a WordPress theme, you probably want to know how the theme’s development team achieved such high responsiveness.

  • jQuery was not used in the design of Astra, which may have an impact on performance.
  • Rather, the platform has vanilla JavaScript to improve your efficiency.
  • It’s also crucial to remember that the theme uses less than 50kb of your bandwidth.
  • You will discover that it responds much faster than other themes.
  • Your site should load in less than 0.5 seconds on average, making it the least resource-intensive choice.


WooCommerce is a necessary component if you manage an online business. Fortunately, Astra is compatible with this online store.

You can design a typical grid layout for e-commerce category pages using the WooCommerce integration. Additionally, you can prevent buyers from being forced to a cart page by using a drop-down cart on your pages.

Visit the theme customizer to experiment with the options available for WooCommerce integrations.

Starter Site Templates 

If you want to rapidly get your website up and running, you can install these lovely pre-made templates.

Astra has one of the greatest collections of importable starter templates of any WordPress theme, with over 280+ available.

There are three alternatives accessible while browsing the basic templates, and you can select the editor of your choice.

WordPress Customizer with Instantaneous Updates

The Astra theme takes advantage of the real-time native WordPress Customizer for theme customization. You can always see how your website will seem before hitting “Publish,” since the changes you make to it are displayed in real-time in the preview box.

While other WordPress themes offer this kind of access, it could seem like a generic feature, but what makes Astra stand out from the others is the abundance of customization choices.

Typographic Modifications

The font you choose is a crucial component that can also have an impact on the overall quality of your website.

Most businesses can be more easily recognized by the typeface associated with their brand.

If you adjust the typography, you can choose fonts and colors that complement your brand identity.


A review of an Astra theme wouldn’t be complete without addressing the theme’s price.

 Astra provides a functional free version. For instance, free users get access to more than 100 template possibilities. Additionally, you may establish global styles and achieve nearly full-site control using the header footer builder.

But you might want to upgrade to Astra Pro for more customization choices.

Assistance with Every Page Builder

Among Astra’s distinctive selling points is that all popular WordPress page builders, including Thrive Architect, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Elementor, and many more, are compatible. Astra delivers flawless compatibility and top-notch performance with each of these page builders.

The WordPress theme Astra works with nearly every WordPress plugin.

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Blog-Compatible Design

Discovering tools that work for both eCommerce and blogging websites can be difficult.

Astra has been specifically created with bloggers in mind, providing fantastic features and layouts.

First, you have a more popular grid layout that resembles social networking platforms or masonry layouts for a trendy appearance.

Another option is a list arrangement, which typically arranges posts one after the other.

Infinite loading is one outstanding feature you probably won’t find anywhere else.

By doing this, you can guarantee that your blog entries load below as visitors explore your website.

The Header Footer Builder

You can enable a distinct logo for retinal devices and remove or modify your website’s logo under the Elements page. In the interim, you can change the logo’s width. Additionally, you can alter the title and logo colors in the design tab.

Check out and find the transparent header on your website in the Elements section. Access additional header types, such as sticky headers, with the Pro version.

Solid Security

To make sure that your website remains secure and functional, Solid Security Asta prioritizes standards and clean code, integrating security plugins like WordFence and performing frequent updates. Astra is one of the safest themes on the market so you can trust your WordPress website with it.

Web Stories

Customers and readers need to be informed of all the latest developments in your company.

That is where web stories come into play, giving you a compelling way to present web content.

Because the format resembles Facebook or Instagram, perusing the information is straightforward.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization assists in the search engine’s comprehension of the user’s precise wants. That means the search engine chooses which information to provide when someone searches for anything. It will be challenging for the website to attract visitors without SEO optimization. Without the best SEO themes for WordPress, no matter how skilled you are at website development, you will not be able to reach your target audience. 

Astra Theme Alternatives


Blocksy could be a great option if you feel Astra’s customization choices are insufficient for your needs. It is a free WordPress theme with a global color palette, several page layouts for various uses, and robust header style options. With a drag-and-drop builder, customization won’t be a headache.

Additionally, Blocksy integrates very well with the WordPress Customizer, enabling you to adjust almost every aspect you see on the page. However, everything is simple to understand and intuitive, so you may use the theme right away without needing to read any user manuals or other materials. In addition, it offers sophisticated features and is incredibly quick.


Sydney is a WordPress theme that lets you create interactive online content. The Elementor page builder integrates flawlessly, giving you customization choices for your website. 

You can change the typeface, rearrange the header, add more sidebars, etc. In addition, a range of color schemes are available for selection. Because the theme is lightweight, installing it uses fewer resources. The design considers search engines to help you stay ahead of the competition online.


Kadence is a great option if you’ve ever struggled to edit every part of your website using Astra. With its drag-and-drop builder, you can alter the header, footer, and every other aspect of it.

Astra Theme Pricing

The Astra WordPress Theme provides a free and premium edition. 

Astra Pro is the best option if you want to access all of the Astra theme’s amazing features. Astra has three deluxe plans. Under all three levels, the Astra premium theme is usable on an infinite number of websites.

  1. Astra Pro: You can use this $47/year package on an infinite number of websites, and it offers you access to hundreds of customization possibilities. 
  2. Essential Bundle: For $137 a year, you get access to Astra Pro features as well as 180+ premium templates and the WP Portfolio Plugin.
  3. Growth Bundle: For $187 a year, you create a robust website with all the features included in this plan. This package has The entire Essential Bundle, the Convert Pro and Schema Pro plugins, the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, the SkillJet Academy Membership, and the Ultimate Addons for Elementor.


Does the Astra Theme Require Elementor?

Even while Astra and Elementor function incredibly well together, it’s not necessary. The Astra WordPress compatibility with multiple page builders helps you create your website according to your liking and without restrictions. 

Is the Usage of Astra and Other Plugins Limitless?

Yes, you can use Astra and our other plugins indefinitely! With any package you select, you can use our plugins and theme on as many websites as you like.

You can use them on any website you own, or if you develop websites for clients, you can use them on their websites as well. However, you can not share the license key with any other person.

Why the Astra Theme is Well-Liked?

The Astra WordPress Theme’s popularity stems from its rapid performance, lightweight design, wide range of customization options, and interoperability with different page builders and plugins.

The Wrap-Up

Among the most well-liked WordPress themes is Astra. It offers a ton of customization options for a wide range of website categories and is available in both free and premium editions.

In summary, Astra is a WordPress theme that stands out because of its effective and efficient code. It’s also quite user-friendly for novices and works well with page builder plugins. But if you want layout designs, premium support, and extensive eCommerce features, you’ll have to switch to Astra Pro.

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