Our Story

Our Story

It’s a dark and damp morning in a small, commercial British town when the motivational alarm on my iPhone rings for the third time, it’s 07:50 and time to go downstairs to eat some plastic bacon before jumping in the taxi to “work”.

After spending almost three years “working” on outsourcing projects for two of the world’s largest professional service firms, life was beginning to develop a somewhat monotonous rhythm, with one of the only salvations being the occasional travel opportunities to large outsourcing centers in India.

Harnessing a desire to be independent, have an impact and with knowledge from the best outsourcers in the world, I decided to go my own way and start a small outsourcing service company. With the help of a number of enthusiastic and extremely reliable Team Members, we set up the infrastructure and started providing an outsourcing service to startups and small businesses around Europe.

Though the location independent nature of working remotely enabled me to travel around the world, the business was not scalable as I was spending too much time working directly with clients, advising them on their business that I had no time left to work on our business.

This was a big realization: in order to grow a business, the owner must step outside of the day-to-day running of operations and work ON the business as opposed to IN the business.

We decided to act upon this realization and leverage software to build a more scalable version of the outsourcing service with the same clarity, security and efficiency that our previous clients had enjoyed, so you can enjoy the experience of working ON your business as opposed to IN your business as it grows.

Enter Virtual Valley.

A Virtual Team Building Platform connecting Entrepreneurs with Rockstar Virtual Assistants, bringing clarity and security to the outsourcing process.

We are striving towards our mission of returning 1 million hours back to Entrepreneurs by the year 2018.

What Would YOU Do With An Extra 8 Hours Per Day?