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How To Outsource Customer Service

How To Outsource Customer Service

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LEGENDARY customer service can REALLY set you apart from your competitors.

But it get’s better…

You don’t actually have to service the customers yourself to truly realise this benefit, if you outsource effectively.

If you read this post to the end, there should be NO reason why each and everyone of your customers will receive this legendary service, whether you are working, sleeping or laying a beach in Thailand.

And just so that you are aware that Virtual Valley really live and breath AWESOME customer service, here is a direct quote from one of our first Entrepreneurs:

“Virtual Valley has given us a level of service never experienced before in our work with a outsourcing company.” – Arthur Radtke – More Prospects Now

As social media amplifies the effect of word of mouth marketing, it is of paramount importance that your customer experience is flawless.

Now, you may feel that as business owner you are able to provide the best customer support…

And you are probably correct.

However, is that the best use of your time?

Would your customers prefer that you spend 4 hours per day addressing menial support tickets or developing that value new product they have been waiting eagerly for?

Let’s get started:

1. Understand Your Tone Of Voice

How do you want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand?

Exited? Confident? Happy?

Once you are clear on how you want your customers to feel, you can then work on how you will elicit these feelings through your customer service interactions.

With Virtual Valley, we want our customers to feel both secure but relax. It is for this reason that our customer service tone of voice and approach is casual yet re-assuring.

2. Identify Areas Of Customer Contact

Now we need to understand exactly when and where your customers will come to your for support with your product or service.

For Virtual Valley we have the following:

  • ZopIm (Live chat app on the site)
  • Email (Responding to autoresponders or contact form submission on the site)
  • Twitter (Responding to tweets or just reaching out)

3. Understand Key Customer Issues And Build Perfect Responses

There will be certain issues that will surface multiple times, instead of having to deal with these individually, it is a good idea to produce content guides and FAQ’s that you can refer your customers straight to, this saves time for both you and your customer.

For example, when we get question about what our Entrepreneurs could potentially outsource, we can just direct them to the How To Outsource Series page on our blog.

For those issues that it is not possible to cover in a content guide, e.g. refund requests/complaints, build out perfect responses so that each customer that does submit the request will ALWAYS receive a consistent and high quality response.

Ensure that all your content guides and perfect responses are built into your Customer Service Working Procedure (See Step 3 of The Efficient Outsourcing Formula).

Once you have completed and documented the steps above, head back to review The Efficient Outsourcing Formula, jump to Step 2 and get started!

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