What Is Going On With Virtual Valley?


Updated September 15, 2023

Virtual Valley

Table of Content

Table of Contents

In This Post You Will Learn What Is Going On With Virtual Valley, What Is Virtual Valley And How This Blog Will Help You.

In true Lean Startup style we have opened up the platform to a number of close friends and acquaintances whilst we iron out our final development issues.

However, I will take this opportunity to explain more about Virtual Valley, our mission and what to expect from Virtual Velocity (the Virtual Valley Blog).

What Is Virtual Valley?

Virtual Valley is an online marketplace that connects Entrepreneurs with Rockstar Virtual Team Members that will bring clarity and security to the outsourcing process.

Once an Entrepreneur has found a Team Member from our curated database (we are just starting with General Virtual Assistant Roles), he/she is able to hire the Team Member through the platform with Virtual Valley acting as a payment escrow.

This enables either side of the transaction to be refunded if:

a. The Entrepreneur is not satisfied with the work of the Team Member

b. The Entrepreneur is not able to pay for the work of the Team Member

We believe this will bring security to the outsourcing process.

Furthermore, once the Entrepreneur and the Team Member are working together, the Entrepreneur will be able to log into the platform and review the following data:

  • Total Time Worked
  • Total Active Time Working
  • 6 Screenshots Taken At Random Intervals Each Hour

We believe this will bring clarity to the outsourcing process.

Now, feel free to head over to our great competitors:

Onlinejobs.ph have a considerably larger database of virtual assistants than we do, though we pride ourselves on our curation.

Furthermore, Onlinejobs.ph offer a monthly membership to access the contact details of their database, they do not provide a payment escrow service.

And I am sure you are aware of Upwork, a great marketplace with even better branding:

Virtual Valley has differentiated from this giant by focussing only on longer term roles and not project based work. From our outsourcing experience we believe that greater returns are experienced once the relationship between the Entrepreneur and Team Member has had time to mature.

In order to recoup some of the value that Virtual Valley provides to both sides of it’s marketplace, we charge a 15% uplift on the salaries of our Team Members, with average full time monthly salaries (including the Virtual Valley charge) equating to $450-$600 depending on the level of experience of the Team Member.

What Is Your Mission?

We aim to give Entrepreneurs back 1 million hours of their time by the year 2018.

We believe that many people become Entrepreneurs to increase the level freedom they experience. However, more often than not, Entrepreneur become trapped working in their business and actually experience less freedom than they could have achieved through a 9-5 job.

This needs to change.

And by adding clarity and security to the outsourcing process, we believe that we can.

Why Should I Read The Virtual Valley Blog?

Inspired by the great content marketers of our time (Dan NorrisNeil Patel and the team over at the Buffer Blog), we are going to turn Virtual Velocity into a must read for any online business owner.

It is of upmost importance that when providing content as a business, that you have business goals in mind.

Yes, it is great to help people but your ability to do so is compounded when you are able to do so profitably.

Thus, I was left with the dilemma:

Do we just blog about outsourcing?

Albeit relevant to potential customers, but not necessarily a “hot topic”.

So, the content we will provide on Virtual Velocity will sit within 3 categories:

  • Growth – Tom, our Founder and CEO has 3 years experience of building and growing online businesses on a shoestring. And after all, what does a virtual business do when it grows? Hires virtual staff
  • Outsourcing – Prior to being Virtual Valley, we were StartOut Consulting, an outsource service company serving startups in London with awesome Team Members from the Philippines. We learnt a lot and will be sharing outsourcing best practices on Virtual Velocity.
  • Honesty – We love the book Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton, so will be a living, breathing example of this book.

What would you do with an extra 8 hours per day?

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