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Updated May 9, 2023

virtual assistant philippines

Table of Content

Table of Contents

Therefore, we decided to build the definitive guide to virtual assistants from the Philippines that collates ALL of the best information concerning this topic from the best blogs and websites around the internet.

To bring clarity, we have broken down this subject into the following topics:

Chapter 1: What’s The Point?

Why bother going through all of the hassle recruiting, managing and dealing with all of the issues around outsourcing some of your work to a virtual assistant? Surely, it would be much simpler (and cheaper) to just do all of the work yourself?

Let’s find out…

Why Use A Virtual Assistant From The Philippines?

And then why specifically should you work with a VA from the Philippines? Why not India or even a Virtual Assistant within your own country?

25 Top Online Players Share How They Hack Productivity | Virtual Valley Blog

Richard Branson’s Method To Make More Money By Doing Less Work | GrowMap

5 Reason’s To Hire A Virtual Assistant | Hubstaff

25 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Virtual Assistants | Blogworld

Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant? A Freelancer’s Cheat Sheet |

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Chapter 2: How To Hire, Train & Manage Your VA For Maximum Efficiency

Now you have made the decision to invest time and resources into outsourcing some of your workload to the Philippines, you need to know EXACTLY how to hire, train and manage your team, if you are going to be successful.

How To Hire AWESOME Virtual Assistants

Should you use freelancer marketplaces, Virtual Assistant recruitment services or complete outsource service businesses to build you virtual team?

How We Recruited 57 Rockstar Virtual Assistants (So You Don’t Have To) | Virtual Valley Blog

Become Superhuman: How To Hire A Virtual Assistant | Victor Mathieux

Hiring A Virtual Assistant: Everything You Need To Know | Pat Flynn

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant in 15 minutes for 1 Dollar Per Hour | Authority Website Income

What 40 Successful Entrepreneurs Can Teach You about Hiring a Virtual Assistant! | Income Diary

Hiring A Virtual Assistant: The Process | Entrepreneur On Fire

How to Hire Virtual Assistants and Outsource SEO Like a Boss | Jacob King

The Simple System I Used To Hire My First 2 Badass Virtual Assistants | Cloud Living

How To Find the BEST Virtual Assistants From The Internet

Where on the internet do you have the best chance of finding a Virtual Assistant that can handle the specific tasks that you are looking to outsource?

Tired & Stressed? – The 17 Best Places To Hire A Virtual Assistant | Virtual Valley Blog

Why You Shouldn’t Hire Your Virtual Assistant on | Clerical Advantage

The Top 7 Virtual Assistant Companies | Symmetry 50

How To Train Your Virtual Assistants (To Become Better Than You)

If you are to experience a solid ROI (and so you won’t have to spend all of your time answering questions) from your Virtual Assistant, you need to aid their development…

The Efficient Outsourcing Formula | Virtual Valley Blog

How To Manage Virtual Assistants (For MASSIVE Efficiency)

As an entrepreneur/business owner, your ability to manage your in person AND virtual team will have a significant impact on your success.

The Secrets To Finding, Training And Managing Great Virtual Assistants | Foundr Mag

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Chapter 3: Your Relationship With Your Virtual Assistant


From my experience of working with virtual staff for the past 5 years, I have realised first hand that if you have the ability to develop a win-win employer to employee relationship with your virtual assistant… your entrepreneurial life will be MUCH easier.

But What Should Your Virtual Assistant ACTUALLY do?

OK, this all make sense, you should hire a virtual assistant… But what tasks and processes will they operate in your business?

Want To Double Your Productivity? – 10 Marketing Tasks You NEED To Outsource (And How You Do It) | Kikolani

The Truth About Outsourcing Social Media | Social Media Today

Hire A Virtual Assistant For These 6 Tasks To Grow Your Business |

Handling Customer Care As A Bootstrapped Small Business Owner | My Customer

7 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Save You At Least 2 Hours Each Day To Focus On Your Income Producing Activities | The Suitcase Entrepreneur

How To Find And Use A Virtual Assistant To Get Ahead – Sarah Shaw Consulting

The Best Tips/Tools To Work With Virtual Assistants

Fortunately for us, many tools/businesses have been built to support virtual working relationships, here are some of the best…

Tools You Can Use For Working With VAs | Ninja Outreach

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Team Building Tools, Services and Resources | Chris Ducker

How To Pay Your Virtual Assistants (And How Much)

What is a fair wage to pay you Filipino Virtual Assistant?

The Definitive Guide to Paying Home-Based Filipino Virtual Assistants | Chris Ducker

How To Fire Virtual Assistants (Yes, You May Have To)

Yes, if the individual you hire is not actually right for the role, you will have to let them go. Remember: hire slow, fire fast.

5 Ways to Recover Quickly If You Lose Your Virtual Assistant | Don’t Panic Mgmt

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Chapter 4: The Extras

And a couple of bonus sections to solidify your knowledge about the Filipino Virtual Assistant industry.

Let’s Take The Virtual Assistant Perspective

Let’s hear from a few real life Virtual Assistants to give us a perspective about what is it like to work virtually from the Philippines..

What Are VAs Looking For In An Employer? | Ninja Outreach

Virtual Assistant Case Studies

How are Virtual Assistants being used by some other awesome online entrepreneurs:

My Experience Using A Virtual Assistant | Michael Hyatt

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Ok, there we have it:

Virtual Assistant Philippines – The Definitive Guide

You have all the information you could ever want to consume about the topic of Filipino Virtual Assistants, it’s time to take some action.

And where else better to start that with the only Filipino specific curated virtual assistant marketplace the world has ever seen?

Virtual Valley

See you on the other side…

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