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The 17 Best Places To Hire A Virtual Assistant

The Best Places To Hire A Virtual Assistant

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You started an online business… And now you are tired & stressed.CLICK TO TWEET

You started an online business… And now you are tired & stressed:

Furthermore, you seem to spending SO MUCH more time on your online business than all of your friends who have 9 to 5 jobs and also your other friends that also have online businesses!

Someone needs to learn to delegate… And hire a Virtual Assistant, but not just a normal Virtual Assistant, you need the best Virtual Assistant.

Which is why we thought we would put together a BIG list of places where you will be able to hire a Virtual Assistant so you can select the place that suits you and your requirements:

Membership Sites

A BIG database of many types of Virtual Assistants. Entrepreneurs pay a monthly fee to access the database and communicate with Virtual Assistants.

Follow On Twitter: @onlinejobsdotph provides another LARGE pool of Filipino Virtual Assistants for a broader selection of tasks compared to and Entrepreneurs can post job adverts and communicate with Virtual Assistants for free.


Very similar to with a large database of many different types of Virtual Assistants with the Entrepreneur paying a monthly fee to access the contact details of the Virtual Assistants, to then hire off the platform.

Follow On Twitter: @easyoutsource

Freelancer Marketplaces


Elance and oDesk have merged to form the largest and in our opinion the greatest freelancer marketplace in the world. You can hire Virtual Assistants on a project basis or using the Upwork payroll service.

Follow On Twitter: @upwork


Specialising in providing a LARGE variety of Virtual Assistants with different skills on an hourly basis.

Follow On Twitter: @peopleperhour


Another large freelancer marketplace, Freelancer allows you to hire Virtual Assistants for specific projects or on an ongoing basis.

Follow On Twitter: @freelancer


Specialising more on the technical side, Guru have an awesome database of highly skilled Team Members available for hire on a project or role basis.

Follow On Twitter: @guru_com

Recruiting Services

Virtual Staff Finder

Virtual Staff Finder offer a recruitment service for Virtual Assistants for a one off charge and also guarantee that you work well with your Virtual Assistant or will find you another.

Follow On Twitter: @vstafffinder

Outsource Managed Services

Mr Outsource

With a total of 437 Entrepreneur liberated, My Outsource offers Virtual Assistant for full time packages at various skill levels.

Follow On Twitter: @outsourcemr

Virtual CoWorker

With a cost comparison on their site showing savings of up to 70% against an onshore wage, Virtual CoWorker definitely offer a cost effective solution.

Follow On LinkedIn


Primarily and time tracking software as a service company, Hubstaff will also match you with a Virtual Assistant that you can use their software to track.

Follow On Twitter: @hubstaff offer dedicated Virtual Assistants from the office facility based in the Philippines.

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Cloudstaff have invested close to $5m in the systems that have enabled them to offer awesome Virtual Assistant services over the past 10 years.

Follow On Twitter: @cloudstaff

Virtual Done Well

Taking outsourcing to the Philippines to the next level, Virtual Done Well is a company operated by Filipino Entrepreneurs providing Virtual Assistants to clients in Australia and around the world.

Follow On Twitter: @virtualdonewell

365 Virtual Assistant

Offering Virtual Assistants for copywriting, data entry and social media, 365 Virtual Assistants are a great option for any internet Entrepreneurs looking to outsource.

Follow On Twitter: @365va


Zirtual provide dedicated US based Virtual Assistants from around the world to Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Small Teams.

Follow On Twitter: @zirtual

Virtual Team Building Platforms

Virtual Valley

Virtual Valley is a Virtual Team Building Platform. Entrepreneurs are able to hire Virtual Assistants through the platform, who’s time is then tracked and invoiced to the Entrepreneur at the end of the month.

You now know all of the BEST places to hire a Virtual Assistant, but before we go, I need to let you into a little secret:

The most important part of your Virtual Assistant Recruitment process is the Test Task (A test you give each candidate prior to hiring).

The problem is that these are time consuming to create…

Which is why you can unlock the Test Task that we (Virtual Valley) currently give to each and every Virtual Assistant that we let onto our platform.

I’m afraid it is now our time apologise…

Apologies to YOU because now you are no longer able to use the excuse:

“But I don’t know where to hire a Virtual Assistant?”

And also because initially when bringing even the best Virtual Assistant into your life, your workload will increase.

Though, slowly but surely, over time you find that you will spend less time working IN your business and more time working ON your business.

And that magical day will arrive where your Virtual Assistant will have your inbox cleaned, appointment scheduled and social media presence sorted so you actually take a WHOLE day off without stressing about things falling apart.

How about that?

If you know a friend who is seriously tired and stressed from working in their business do them (and us!) a favour by using the share icons below to send it their way.

You could be giving them their first true day off in years…

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