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Unbounce Review: Is it the Best Landing Page on The Market?

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Are you looking for a powerful landing page builder that can help you create high-converting pages? If so, you’ve most probably come across Unbounce.


There’s a gamut of landing page builders available on the market. And Unbounce is always near the top of the list. In this Unbounce review, we’ll look at the features and benefits of this popular landing page builder to see if it’s a good fit for you.


What is Unbounce


Unbounce is a conversion-driven platform that started in 2009 when landing pages were still in their infancy. The Unbounce landing page builder is a powerful, user-friendly tool that helps marketers and small business owners create high-converting landing pages easily. Today they have more than 215 employees and are touted as one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies. They currently maintain workspaces in Canada and Berlin, Germany.


Key Features


Unbounce is first and foremost a landing page builder. But the platform provides a wide array of features outside of its builder, many of which are crucial for creating and optimizing landing pages. Here’s a look at its key features:


Landing Pages

Many people choose Unbounce because it gives them the ability to create landing pages quickly in just a few clicks. With its drag-and-drop builder, anyone can pick up the tool and start creating pages without having to write any code or use specialized design software.


The tool carries over 100 templates. You can create a professional-looking landing page in a matter of minutes, or you can build one that’s fully customizable from scratch. 


And with its clone and edit function, you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel all the time. You can clone and edit, duplicate your most successful landing pages, and generate similar results.


A/B Testing


A/B testing’s goal is to identify the variant that converts better so you can raise your conversion rates. All of Unbounce’s plans include robust A/B testing tools that let you optimize your landing pages and pop-ups for optimum performance. It’s important to note that not all landing page builders offer this with all of their plans.


With just a few clicks, you can set up A/B testing campaigns to compare two identical pages, smaller variations, and other specific elements.


Dynamic Text Replacement

With Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement, you have access to an outstanding personalization feature. Dynamic Text Replacement matches the copy on your landing page with the search terms people use before clicking on your PPC ads. Additionally, you can develop campaigns that are in line with user intent when you combine them with Google Ads dynamic keyword insertion.


Popups and Sticky Bars

You can use Unbounce’s built-in popup and sticky bar builders to increase conversions. A pop-up advertisement appears on top of your landing page. Sticky bars are a non-intrusive way to capture the attention of website visitors. If you’re not familiar with sticky bars, they’re web page headers that stay at the top of the page even when the user scrolls down.


Similar to how you can create landing pages, you can start from scratch or use a template builder to create a popup or sticky bar that you can completely customize. At your disposal with this feature are templates, targeting and scheduling, drag-and-drop builder, and A/B testing.


Reports and Insights

Unbounce offers information on the effectiveness of your A/B tests and the performance of your landing pages. All of this information is accessible through the Unbounce dashboard, but integrating Google Analytics will yield the best results.


After integrating Google Analytics, you can set up event measurement to monitor user behavior, including CTA clicks and other significant conversion objectives.


AMP Landing Pages

Unbounced offers optimized AMP templates. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is designed to make the web faster for mobile users, reducing loading times to an average of one second. Unbounce will keep your pages and code up to date with the latest AMP standards.


Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic is an artificial intelligence-powered conversion tool that analyzes each visitor’s attributes and automatically directs them to the most relevant landing page. Based on the data gathered by the tool, it will automatically redirect visitors to the highest-converting page. To determine which variation of your landing page will be the most effective, the algorithm considers factors such as user location and device.



To help manage your leads, native integration such as third-party tools like email marketing and marketing automation can be used alongside the landing page builder.


Unbounce can also accommodate Zapier integrations which ultimately gives you the ability to work with other app integrations that aren’t available natively.



Unbounce offers three levels of service. The cost of each plan varies depending on how many visitors, conversions, and domains you require each month. You are allowed to make as many landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars as you want with each plan. They also offer a 14-day trial to give you a feel for the platform before signing up.


Here’s a look at the 3 plans and their inclusions:


Launch – $79 per month

  • Unlimited landing pages, popups, sticky bars
  • AI Copywriting
  • 500 conversions max
  • 20,000 visitors max
  • Up to one (1) connected domain


Optimize – $116 per month


  • Unlimited landing pages, popups, sticky bars
  • AI Copywriting
  • 1000 conversions max
  • 30,000 visitors max
  • Up to five (5) connected domains


Accelerate – $192 per month


  • Unlimited landing pages, popups, sticky bars
  • AI Copywriting
  • 2500 conversions max
  • 50,000 visitors max
  • Up to ten (10) connected domains


Pros and Cons


The Good Stuff


  • Easy to use drag and drop builder
  • Great customization features
  • Split testing performance
  • The smart traffic feature streamlines the testing process


The Bad Stuff

  • Split testing can only be used with Unbounce pages
  • Needs more templates for the Form Builder



Despite having a rich feature set that rates high among similar platforms in the market, Unbounce is not right for everyone. Here are 3 alternatives worth considering:




Instapage is one of the big dogs in the space and Ubounce’s main competitor. It offers all the features you need to create high-converting landing pages and quickly deploy them. You can build landing pages from scratch or use one of 500 templates.


The robust integration stack Instapage offers make it stand out from the pack. You can synchronize with platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo, and a host of other tools.


Like Unbounce it provides A/B testing. It also has a feature called AdMap which synchronizes your ad campaign with personalized landing pages. 


Instapage’s entry-level offering “Build” will cost you $199 per month billed annually.




Unbounce’s price point is probably its biggest drawback. It’s anything but inexpensive. Leadpages offers plans that are appropriate for solopreneurs and cash-strapped startups. It’s the perfect solution if you’re a beginner.


Leadpages still offers a ton of effective tools that can be used in building landing pages that are professional looking and high converting. It allows you to create an entire website, including landing pages, email opt-in forms, pop-ups, alert bars, checkout, and other features.


Plans start at $27 per month and a 14-day free trial is available.




Landingi’s user-friendly interface is perfect for beginners who don’t want to worry about all the complex features. With a good balance of speed, simplicity, and flexibility, the page builder is feature-rich.


It includes a solution called Pageinsider which examines your landing pages for you to give you insight into where your visitors are most likely to pay attention and to provide some quick tips on how you can optimize the layout to increase your conversion rate.


Wrap Up


Unbounce is one of the best, if not the best landing page builder in the market. Unbounce landing pages are made to convert and solve a lot of different problems. There’s really nothing negative to say about the platform, It’s easy to use despite its rich and complex feature set. If you want to deploy multiple landing pages that convert, and you want to do it quickly, Unbounce is up there with the best. 



Is Unbounce easy to use?

Yes. It is fairly simple to get started with Unbounce because of its intuitive user interface. When you’re creating pages, it is very simple to work with thanks to its drag-and-drop builder that’s one of the most user-friendly in the market.


Is there a Free Version of Unbounce?

No. Unbounce does not offer a free version.


Does Unbounce offer a Free Trial?

Unbounce has a 14-day free trial. You can use the entire platform without many limitations during the trial period 


You will need to enter your credit card information,  and will not be charged if you cancel within the allotted 14-day period. You won’t need to contact customer service to cancel.


Does Unbounce provide Video Tutorials?

Unbounce has a library of step-by-step video tutorials on using the platform. From choosing a builder to connecting a domain, Unbounce provides you with the materials so that you can learn at your own pace. 

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