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How To Outsource Data Entry

How To Outsource data entry

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In this post, you will learn ALL about how to outsource data entry

Hands down, the most mind numbing and low $ value task within your business.

And those unfortunate enough to run a REAL WORLD, brick and mortar business have to employ a resource local to their business in order to complete these tasks.

However, that does not apply to us online business owners.

Our Data Entry work can be completed by pretty much anyone that is located anywhere in the world. You just need to find an experienced and reliable Team Member, that has the motivation to ensure the integrity of the data to be entered.

Here are a list of Data Entry tasks that either Virtual Valley, or one of Virtual Valleys clients has outsourced in the past 3 months:

  • WordPress Management
  • eCommerce Product Management
  • Mobile App Content Management
  • Email List Management
  • CRM Maintenance
  • PPC Ad Creation/Management
  • Infusionsoft Email Loading/Campaign Management

To put it simply…

If you find yourself (or one of the key players in your business) continuously copying and pasting information from one place to another for more that 5 minutes at a time…

You need to head over to The Efficient Outsourcing Formula, skip to Step 2 and start outsourcing these tasks.

As with every minute that you a completing these tasks, you are NOT adding value to your community. And as we know, this is the only route to building a sustainable online business.

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