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How To Outsource Inbox/Calendar Management

how to outsource inboxcalendar

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In this post, you will learn ALL about how to outsource admin

You wake up, complete your morning ritual to nourish your physical, emotional and intellectual self and then sit down at your laptop…

Open up you inbox and are immediately bombarded by requests from other people.

3 hours later you realise that you have been frantically working on the agenda of others and have created NO value for your marketplace.

The situation above pretty accurately describes an average morning for myself prior to working with Virtual Valley’s Virtual Team Members…

But now, my agenda and schedule has a bodyguard:

My Virtual Assistant

… who is responsible for allowing me to focus on spending my most valuable hours on the tasks that add value to the Virtual Valley community, which ultimately, will lead to the success of the platform.

Thus my question to you is:

How much time per day do you spend creating value for your marketplace?

Becuase if you are spending to much time working to other people’s agenda, could potentially be killing your business.

Now, imagine waking up to a pre-organised and filtered inbox and calendar, this is a wondrous feeling.

It leaves clarity of mind, which you can then use to direct 100% of your effort straight into your most important tasks of the morning.

However, in order to set this up with your virtual team member you need identify strict guidelines:

  • Folder structure and guidelines
  • Structuring calendar invites
  • Your availability for meetings
  • Emails to unsubscribe to
  • Emails to respond to

For the following tasks:

  • Replying to/unsubscribing from and categorising emails
  • Collating content for your consumption
  • Monitoring Google Alerts for specific keywords
  • Scheduling and setting up appointments
  • To do list creation

My VA will then send me an update for me to review mid way through my work day that will alert me of any truly urgent tasks that require my attention. But remember, by this point I have already invested my most valuable hours into creating value for the Virtual Valley community.

Finally, it is important to note that outsourcing email and calendar management is definitely a learning process and the greatest time rewards will be experienced after a number of months working with your Virtual Team Member.

OK, now you are aware of what needs to be outsourced in relation to your inbox and calendar management, jump over to Step 2 of The Efficient Outsourcing Formula and follow the process

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