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How To Outsource Lead Generation


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In this post, you will learn ALL about how to outsource lead generation

If your business is to be successful, you MUST to build processes to provide you with a fresh flow of new leads into your business each and everyday…

As the Entrepreneur, your role is to define and implement the processes that supply these leads, it is NOT your responsibility to perform the tasks these processes consist of.

Well, if you really want to, you can…

But don’t expect your flow of leads to grow, or even continue for longer than a couple of weeks.

With Virtual Valley, we define Lead Generation processes and then outsource them to one of our Team Members to perform, allowing me/Zandro to move on to investigate and define our next source of leads.

Take our podcast for example:

First, do you think I would have had time to design and implement the processes around 0-$4 Million if I had been focused on performing the tasks from one of our existing Lead Generation methods?

No, I do NOT spend my time reaching out to land guest post spots, connecting with people on Twitter or making new connections on LinkedIn, we have Team Members doing so.

Giving me freedom to define and implement new Lead Generation processes.

Starting to make sense?

Ok, so after our podcast launched and hit #1 in the iTunes New & Noteworthy Business Section:

I documented the full process for the production and marketing of the podcast and then handed it off to one of Team Members.

Which allowed me to…

You guessed it, work on our next Lead Generation method!

Just in case you are interested, I used step 3 of  The Efficient Outsourcing Formula to do this.

OK, so your first step is to identify your current Lead Generation methods and then to jump into Step 2 The Efficient Outsourcing Formula to hand these over to your Virtual Team Members, to enable you to move onto defining new Lead Generation processes.

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