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Metrics Watch Review: The Ultimate Automated Reporting Tool

metrics watch review

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Fantastic customer support, metrics from multiple sources, high overall ratings, and easy setup are some of the advantages of the Metrics Watch. The reporting software designed by Wize Studios Inc. helps automate reporting and send it directly to your client’s email.

So if you are looking for a tool to display professional marketing reports for your agency or small business, read to discover how Metrics Watch supports your marketing efforts with this comprehensive solution.


Metrics Watch is a dashboard reporting tool and software for businesses and organizations to monitor and analyze core marketing metrics to generate customized analytics reports and track key performance indicators (KPIs).

Metrics Watch enables users to combine analytics for multiple sources and gather an overview of all the information in one place. The drag-and-drop builder helps streamline the entire process, and the variety of widgets to display data (charts, tables, and gauges) provide automated options for email-based reports.

The tool is affordable and includes capabilities and visualization tools to help managers and marketers identify trends and patterns in their metrics data over time for accurate email-based marketing reports. 

There is no free version, but Metrics Watch offers a 14-day free trial and a flat rate for annual and monthly plans. The best part is users don’t need a credit card to access the free trial and test all the features in their favorite pricing plan.

Who Can Use Metrics Watch

Typical users include:

  • Digital agencies
  • Freelancers
  • SaaS businesses
  • Managers
  • Marketers.

Metrics Watch Features

Metrics Watch landing page screenshot


Metrics Watch API features typically allow you to track, collect, and analyze data related to a specific set of key performance indicators (KPIs).

These KPIs’ metrics may vary depending on the specific type of API and the industry or application it’s used for. Some typical API metrics include response time, error rate, uptime, traffic volume, and user engagement.

API features may also include alerting capabilities that enable you to receive notifications when exceeding specific thresholds or metrics.

Email-Based Marketing Reports

Unlike most reporting tools, Metrics Watch doesn’t use PDF attachments or external links in the email body. Using Metrics Watch enables you to send marketing reports via email without redirects and other cluttering elements that may look unprofessional to your clients.


Marketers have data on multiple platforms. Metrics Watch aims to help you display data in one place by integrating different apps, software, and marketing platforms to have the best report for your clients in minutes instead of hours.

Metrics Watch integrates with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Pages, Instagram, LinkedIn ads, LinkedIn Pages, Google Search Console, and MailChimp.

White Label Reports

It is not only about the email body. You don’t want a different branding and logo showing on your reports. Metrics Watch and its easy setup capabilities enable you to use your logo, brand colors, or links and send reports using your company’s name and email address.

The bottom line? Your professional reports will always look neat and professional.

Customizable Templates

The platform has an evergreen template library to help users start reporting in a breeze. These templates are highly customizable to meet your needs, but users can also craft their customized report templates with the comprehensible drag-and-drop builder.

Automation Features

It is probably the most valued feature in Metrics Watch because freelancers, clients, and managers don’t want to spend their precious time building reports manually.

 Automating the reporting process saves money and provides a better notion of the actual metrics of a business.

Metrics Watch helps agencies build key metrics email reports automatically and have performance reporting delivered to clients daily, weekly, or monthly. It is an excellent feature for the price!

Pros and Cons

List of Pros

  • Metrics Watch is customizable
  • It is a fantastic way to automate your reports
  • Metrics Watch lets you access several sources to monitor data accurately.
  • There’s no need for upfront money to test Metrics Watch.
  • Metrics Watch has fantastic customer support.
  • Metrics Watch can improve your marketing efforts by identifying trends and patterns.
  • Automation helps you save money and other resources.
  • Affordable price

List of Cons

  • Metrics Watch has a free trial, but it is too short to test all the features.
  • To master Metrics Watch, users may require some training.
  • Metrics Watch may not be necessary if your business operates on a small scale.
  • If you own an agency and have a team working for you, They may need the training to use Metrics Watch efficiently.

Pricing Plans

Metrics Watch Pricing page screenshot

Metrics Watch pricing model offers an option for users of all levels. To test the tool firsthand, you can access the free 14-day trial (no credit card required) to access all the features on the pricing plan you select.

Starter Plan $29 per Month ($290 per Year)

It is the Metrics Watch entry-level plan, and it has everything you need to get started.

  • Two reports
  • White label options
  • Concierge service
  • Customer support

Pro Plan $50 per Month ($500 per Year)

It is the immediate upgrade of the Metrics Watch starter plan and includes the following features.

  • Ten reports marketing reports
  • White label options
  • Concierge service
  • Customer support

Premium Plans (Multiple Prices)

The Metrics Watch Premium plans offer multiple pricing options to adapt to the needs of digital agencies and businesses. The monthly fee starts at $100 per month (25 reports) and increases up to $1100 per month (500 reports).

  • White label options
  • Metrics Watch Concierge service
  • Free custom email domain included (with the previous plans there is a setup fee)
  • Customer support

Enterprise Plans

It is a Metrics Watch offering for bigger agencies marketing their services to multiple clients, you can talk to an agent to customize your plan as needed. The features included for the highest price tier are.

  • API to create reports
  • Hundreds of thousands of reports
  • White label options
  • Metrics Watch Concierge service
  • Free custom email domain included (no one-time fee, it’s included)
  • Fully custom report design


Why Do I Need Marketing Reports?

Marketing report metrics are crucial because they provide valuable insights into the performance of campaigns and other initiatives to leverage and boost the marketing efforts of a business or an organization regardless of the size of the operations such as:

  1. The effectiveness of the strategy, whether your goal is to generate leads, convert customers, or increase revenue.
  2. The top-performing marketing channels or tactics, so you can identify and adjust the ones that are underperforming.
  3. The return on investment (ROI) for your marketing and advertising spend.
  4. Customer retention rates and your churn rate.
  5. The changes you can implement to adjust and improve marketing performance.

Do I Need Reporting Software for Online Metrics?

It is your decision, and it depends on your business objectives and operations size. If you are looking to track key performance metrics and analyze your data over time to support and improve your marketing efforts, using software and tools can be very helpful, for example, CallTrackingMetrics

Tools (like Metrics Watch) can help you generate customized reports, track specific KPIs, and identify trends and patterns in your marketing data.

However, if you have a smaller-scale operation, you may be able to get by using native analytics tools provided by the platforms you are using. Weigh the benefits of using reporting software against the time and resources necessary to implement and learn a new system, it will help you make a data-driven decision for best results.

What Are Other Alternatives to Metrics Watch?

If you feel Metrics Watch is not the appropriate tool for your objectives, it lacks some of the metrics features you are looking for, or don’t like the pricing, consider the following alternatives.

  • Reportei
  • Tableau
  • Phocas Software Cosmos
  • SAP Analytics Cloud

As a general recommendation, we advise you to check the entire features list and pricing and compare it with Metrics Watch to understand what the tool can do.

The Takeout 

Metrics Watch offer is an attractive option for marketers and agency managers alike. It is a fantastic way to review and watch relevant metrics for your client’s businesses.

Though a free version of Metrics Watch is unavailable, the free trial will help you find out if the overall rating of the automated reporting tool is accurate.

Tracking performance metrics and automated reporting had never been so easy.

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