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How to Get Google Ads Clients: Proven Strategies

How to Get Google Ads

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Are you struggling to get your Google Ads agency on track? Convincing leads to investing in your business is challenging for beginner marketers, and even experienced ones find stubborn clients.

Client acquisition is essential for Google Ads agencies. However, there are a handful of proven strategies they can explore to attract and convert clients into paying customers.

Today, we’ll discuss the best strategies to help you get more Google Ads clients and grow your agency’s revenue. So, let’s dive in!

Strategies to Get Google Ads Clients

As a Google Ads professional, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is constantly finding new clients to grow your business and increase revenue. A steady stream of clients is essential 

Define your Target Audience 

Before promoting your Google Adwords services, identify your target audience. It will determine the types of marketing messages and strategies that are most effective for your ad campaigns.

Start by looking at your existing clients. What industries do they work in? What are their challenges? You can also use market research tools to gather data on your target audience and define age, gender, location, and interests. 

Understanding your target audience is crucial to create messaging and marketing strategies that resonate with them.

Identify Your Niche

Your niche is the backbone of your Google Ads business because it allows you to target your audience effectively. Understanding your niche helps you tailor to the specific interests and needs of your target market. 

Try to find a niche using at least one of the following criteria.

  • Select a niche where you have expert-level knowledge.
  • Identify companies with high ad spend and see how you can offer them a competitive solution.  
  • Identify businesses with high potential and high customer value. 
  • Research your surroundings to identify unattended niches. 

Attend Industry Events

Attending industry events is a great way to network with potential Adwords clients and showcase your expertise. Look for conferences, trade shows, and meetups relevant to your target audience. 

When you approach a potential new client, use a non-sales approach.

Ask them about their business and goals, and listen to their needs and pain points. If they express interest in your services, offer to follow up with them after the event to discuss how you can help them achieve their objectives. 

You can also offer to speak at industry events to establish yourself as a thought leader in the field of Google Ads. It will help you build your reputation and credibility, making a potential client more likely to trust you with his marketing budget.

Leverage Referrals

Referrals from satisfied clients are a winning strategy to attract more customers. Encourage existing clients to refer their friends and colleagues to your services by offering incentives or rewards. 

Emphasize the value of the digital marketing solutions you provide. Ask them to refer to people struggling with Ads campaigns and offer a discount or other incentive for each referral that leads to a new Google Adwords client. 

Offer Free Audits and Consultations

Offering leads for a free Google Ads audit or consultation is a great way to demonstrate your value and generate leads. By providing actionable insights and recommendations, you can show them how your company can help them achieve their objectives.

Additionally, by offering a free audit or consultation, you can build rapport with potential clients and establish a relationship of trust and goodwill.

Partner With Other Agencies

Partnering with other digital marketing agencies can be a mutually beneficial arrangement that allows you to expand your client base.

Look for agencies specializing in complementary services like SEO, social media, or content marketing. By partnering with these agencies, you can offer a more comprehensive set of services to existing customers and potentially generate new leads through referrals.

Attend Local Events

Attend local business events like chamber of commerce meetings, networking events, or small business workshops to connect with potential clients in your community. Bring business cards and be prepared to promote your services and how they can benefit local businesses.

Use Targeted Advertising 

Targeted advertising can be an effective way to reach potential clients who may be interested in your services. 

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to target users based on their job title, industry, and location. You can also use Google Ads to target users who have previously searched for services like yours. 

Using targeted advertising, you can ensure that your message reaches the right people and increase the likelihood of generating leads.

Create High-Quality Content

Creating high-quality content is another effective way to attract potential clients and establish yourself as a thought leader in the field of Google Ads. 

It could include blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, and video content. By providing informative and engaging content you demonstrate your expertise and build trust with potential clients. Additionally, high-quality content can help to drive traffic to your website, increasing your visibility and reach.

Use Social Media

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be valuable tools for promoting your Google Ads services and generating leads. Share your expertise and engage with potential clients by posting relevant content, joining groups, and participating in discussions.

Use Google Ads

One of the best ways to get Google Ads clients is to use Google Ads yourself. Using Google Ads to promote your services showcases your expertise and is proof for potential clients of the kind of results they can expect. 

Additionally, you can use Google Ads to target specific keywords and geographic areas to reach potential clients searching for services like yours.

Offer Special Promotions 

Offering special promotions or discounts can be a great way to incentivize business owners to try your services. For example, you could offer a free month of PPC management or a discount on setup fees for new clients.


What is Google Partners?

It is a program that recognizes companies and individuals who are certified experts in managing Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) campaigns. 

Google Partners have access to exclusive training, support, and resources from Google, which they can use to help their clients succeed with Google Ads.

To become a Google Partner, companies or individuals must meet Google’s requirements, including a certification exam, have a record of success managing Google Ads campaigns, and adhere to Google’s best practices for managing campaigns. Being a Google Partner proves you have the skills and knowledge to manage effective Google Ads.

What is Google PPC Ads?  

Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads are online advertising that allows businesses to place ads on Google search engine results pages and other websites in the Google Display Network.

PPC ads are designed to target specific keywords, interests, or demographics, and are charged on a cost-per-click basis, meaning advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their ad.

A PPC campaign can be an effective way for businesses to drive traffic and generate leads, particularly for those looking to reach new audiences or promote specific products or services. Explain to your potential PPC client that ads for Google display advertising can show on affiliate websites, Gmail, mobile apps, and Youtube Ads.

Why Are My Google Ads Not Getting Clicks?

Multiple factors can influence your ads performance, among them the following. 

  • Your ad copy may not be compelling or lacks a call to action. Improve the copy highlighting the unique selling points of your products or services.
  • Your ads may be appearing for search keywords that are not relevant to your business or the audience you are targeting.
  • Your ad may not be appearing at the top of the search results page due to a low Ad Rank. To improve your Ad Rank, increase your bid, improve ad relevance, and optimize your landing page.
  • Your ads may not be getting clicks because your budget can not compete with other advertisers. Consider increasing your budget or targeting less competitive keywords.
  • If you have been running the same ads for a prolonged period, users may have become fatigued and stopped clicking on them. Refreshing your ad copy or testing new variations.

How Many Clicks per Day Are Good for Google Ads?

The number of clicks considered good for Ads varies depending on the industry, keywords, target audience, and ad campaign goals.

To measure campaign performance, focus on conversion tracking rather than the number of clicks and set specific goals such as target conversion rate, cost per acquisition, or return on ad spend. 

Regularly analyze your campaign metrics and make adjustments as necessary to ensure desired results.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, getting clients requires a strategic approach and a combination of tactics across multiple channels. It is a path that many have walked before you, use their strategies to build your plan. 

Leveraging the proven strategies we’ve discussed in this blog post can help you create effective Google Ads campaigns that drive results.

It’s important to remember that getting Google Ads clients is an ongoing process that requires constant optimization and refinement. By continually monitoring your campaigns, tracking your results, and making adjustments based on what works best for your target audience, you can achieve long-term success and attract more clients through your Ads campaigns.

Rob Warner
Rob Warner

Rob Warner is a numbers man turned marketing geek. Rob walked away from a successful career in business finance to fulfill his ambition to be a professional marketer. He went from learning the fundamentals of Google advertising to now being a member of the Google Partners Executive Council and with a worldwide team managing over $20 billion of advertising spend a year on behalf of the marketing agencies and their clients. Rob started his own agency in 2012, having already acquired a client base with no larger marketing strategy than just word of mouth.

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