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Updated October 13, 2023

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Table of Content

Table of Contents

If you are trying to discover the best call-tracking software, you have probably stumbled on CallRail Call tracking and form-tracking software. 

Since its birth in 2011, the robust features, usability, and support behind the tool make it a number-one tracking software choice.

The most remarkable features of the software are its conversation intelligence, routing capabilities, lead center, and multi-touch attribution, which helps users gain valuable insights into their operations and campaign performance. 

Join us on our Callrail review so you can make a conscious decision before committing to this call-tracking software.

Meet CallRail

CallRail is a company based in the United States, its main objective is to provide businesses of all sizes with a tool to optimize their marketing campaigns, generating more leads and sales. 

The company is directed by Andy Powell (CEO) and Kevin Mann (CTO), the company’s co-founders. Their star product is CallRail software, a tool for call tracking and analytics for businesses to track and analyze phone calls and web form submissions derived from their marketing efforts.

CallRail provides businesses with insights into their marketing campaigns and helps them optimize their advertising spend by identifying the marketing campaigns driving more conversions.

How Does CallRail Work?

CallRail software provides businesses with a phone number to tie to a specific marketing campaign or channel. When a customer calls that number, CallRail records the call and provides users with valuable data such as the caller’s phone number, location, and call duration.

Note that CallRail integrates with robust advertising platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads to provide detailed reporting on the campaigns that drive phone calls and web forms submission for an accurate vision of the entire advertising landscape of a business. 

Other valuable integrations offered by the platform are CRMs, analytics software, and customer support tools, all to provide a flexible and customizable business that can adapt according to their needs and objectives.

Who Can Benefit from Using CallRail

Call tracking is a feature that can benefit many different industries and businesses of all sizes. Especially those that rely on phone calls to generate leads or boost their sales team efforts. Some industries that can particularly benefit from tracking software are:

  • Home services providers: for example, plumbing and pest control businesses. Learn how to get the best plumbing landing page here
  • Real estate businesses: including businesses involved in property management, home building, and home improvement.
  • Healthcare providers: medical centers, hospitals, and independent medical practices.
  • Legal service providers: for example, law firms or independent lawyers.
  • Ecommerce businesses: specifically the ones looking to improve the performance of their customer support team.
  • Marketing agencies: especially if they want to provide their customers with call tracking and analytic services.
  • Automotive businesses: like dealerships and repair shops.

It is only a sample of the multiple businesses that can benefit from call-tracking software to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns and marketing budget.

Key Features

Investing in software is not as easy as it seems. Understanding the features and their potential to improve your operations is fundamental to getting more value for your investment, both in ROI and in streamlining your processes to make your business operations and marketing efforts more efficient and successful.

Call Tracking

Get unique call tracking numbers for every campaign you set up. Tracking phone calls is the best strategy to analyze which campaigns drive more phone calls.

Call Recording

This feature enables you to automatically record the phone calls received on any of your campaign’s phone numbers. The recording is securely stored within your CallRail account.

Lead and Conversion Tracking

Discover how many calls each campaign brings using the lead and conversion tracking features. CallRail offers several different ways to track leads and conversions, including:

  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Multi-Touch Attribution
  • Lead Scoring


The tool provides analytics and reporting for all your CallRail phone numbers. Integrate CallRail and Google Analytics to gain better insight into your marketing dollars. This seamless integration helps you track calls as part of your entire website conversion tracking.

Keyword Call Tracking

This feature helps you track the specific keywords driving phone calls to your business. It works by assigning a unique tracking number to all the keywords you want to target in your paid search campaigns.

Campaign-Level Call Tracking

When a customer calls the phone numbers associated with a particular campaign, CallRail automatically records valuable data on the incoming calls. Including the phone number, date, and time of the phone call.

SMS and Voicemail

This feature enables you to send and receive text messages using your tracking phone numbers. It can be a powerful tool for further interaction with your customers. All the conversations are stored in your CallRail account.

The voicemail feature enables you to record custom voicemail greetings and receive messages from your customers. It is a way of showing that you care and always have a communication channel open to connect with your audience.

The value of both features is they enable you to connect with your customers and capture leads even if you are not available to answer all the calls.

CallRail Pricing Plans

At this point, you have a broader vision of what /CallRail can add to your business, and it is the best moment to look at their pricing plans.

The good news is that the software offers a 14-day free trial for all their pricing plans. The best part is users can access the free trial without a credit card. If after testing the product, you decide it is not what you expected, cancel your free trial, or you will be charged for the plan you subscribed to.

Call tracking

It is your best option to measure, analyze and understand the ROI of your call-based marketing campaigns. This plan costs $45/month and includes:

  • 5 local numbers
  • 250 local minutes
  • Call tracking and text tracking
  • Call recording and call routing

Call Tracking + Intelligence

The perfect addition to transcribe and analyze calls to gain a greater marketing insight on your ad campaigns. The price for this plan is $ 95/month, and it includes the features on the Call Tracking plan plus:

  • Call transcript
  • Keyword analysis

Call Tracking + Form Tracking

Add form submission to your marketing strategy and callbacks to market sources. The price for this plan is $95/month, and it includes everything in Call Tracking plus:

  • Form tracking
  • Custom form builder

Call Tracking Complete

It is the number one solution to track, analyze and optimize calls and forms from one place. It costs $145/month and includes everything in Call Tracking plus:

  • Call transcripts
  • Keyword analysis
  • From tracking
  • Custom form builder

All plans have the option for annual or monthly payments. The annual subscription is 10% cheaper than the monthly subscription.

The Pros and Cons of Using CallRail

List Of Pros

  • Optimize your marketing campaigns by understanding, in-depth, your phone call and form submissions activity.
  • Gather callers’ information to provide a better service by understanding your audience and providing what they want.
  • It provides a white-label solution to keep customers immersed in your brand.
  • Its dynamic tracking numbers let you know exactly where your calls are coming from.

List Of Cons

  • Using the advanced features takes time and learning.
  • Limited to phone call tracking and form tracking, so it is not an alternative for email tracking and social media, leaving this crucial part of your marketing unattended.
  • There are some security concerns related to data users and data storage.


What if I Go Over My Included Usage?

It is not an issue. The software will still track your leads so your reports can stay up to date at all times. However, the charge will reflect on your next billing cycle. 

In case this is a recurring scenario for your company, consider upgrading your plan as needed. You always have the opportunity to grow your pricing plan as your operations grow.

Which Countries Does CallRail Support?

Currently, CallRail is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For international prices check the corresponding websites.

What Are Some Alternatives to CallRail?

If after our CallRail review, you decide it is not what you are looking for, there are multiple alternatives you can research and test to find the best option for your business or agency. Here is a sample of some alternatives to CallRail.

  • CallTrackingMetrics
  • Invoca
  • WhatConverts
  • DialogTech
  • Marchex
  • Phonexa
  • Aircall
  • CallAction

Final Considerations

CallRail is a user-friendly call-tracking software that helps you monitor, record and analyze your call flows to understand the performance of your paid search campaigns. Its conversation intelligence, routing capabilities, call log, and recording provides a broader insight into the performance of your marketing efforts.

There are similar tools you can use to track the call volume and conversions for your business, but CallRail has enough merits to be one of the top tools in its sector.

Consider all the advantages of the tool, use the free test, and decide for yourself if CallRail is a good fit for your business standards.

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