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First Impressions

I was really impressed with the quality data of service after hearing great reviews. When I was doing mass outreach at scale I used to have a whole team of contact finders for list building. And to be honest they weren’t half as good as coldlytics team, and they cost the same amount. And I had to manage them, do quality assurance and email verification.

Coldlytics Vs The Competition 

I love how granular you can get with the data. This is hand curated lead research, by an entire research team. And you get direct access. You could say: Send me a list of 100 dentists that generate 3+ million dollars a year in sales in the state of Florida, and send me the office managers email address, name, and their company name. And they’ll get it to you within 24 hours. You can’t beat that.

I’ve also tried other services, and the data was never as accurate as Coldlytics. I would have to waste time cleaning it myself, or paying my team to do it. But with Coldlytics I don’t have to worry about that. Because they have do a manual review, plus they have a partnership with Zerobounce, one of the leading email verification companies. So I know that the data is clean.


If you’re doing cold email outreach to get PPC clients at scale, then you need to use Coldlytics. There’s no other service that can compare. Their team of 100+ researchers will get you the data you need quickly and accurately. And it’s all pre-verified with Zerobounce. so you know it’s clean.

Ideal Customer

Businesses that do cold emailing to other businesses as part of their sales strategy.

Testimonials/Reviews From Customers

“When it comes to prospecting & cold outreach, data quality is everything. I’ve looked at all the alternatives and Coldlytics is the best by far, as they put a human researcher on the backend of their lists.”Josh Nelson: Seven Figure Agency

“With cold email everyone is outreaching to the same scraped – and often incorrect -prospects. Coldlytics FINALLY gives us the data we need without having to manage a team of Virtual Assistants!”Joe Troyer: PPC Ad Lab

“Coldlytics is the best tool we’ve found for agency owners to eliminate $2-3/hour data collection work and find a list of proven buyers in any niche.”Frankie Fihn: Beyond Agency Profits

Final Verdict

If your depending on cold email for product demos, consultations, and sales appointments, you should definitely be using Coldlytics. com. I’ve tried other services, and none of them compare. The customer service is great, the data is accurate, and it’s all pre-verified with Zerobounce. So you know it’s clean. Imagine how much better your results would be with quality data from a top notch data provider, that uses a human touch for lead generation on your behalf.

I highly recommend Coldlytics if your doing cold email outreach at scale. There’s no other service that can compare.


>$0.59 – $0.99 /per verified email

The more you buy the more you save.


Coldlytics is a service that helps you build highly targeted prospect lists for your business. You can specify exactly the kind of list you want, and their team of 100+ researchers will get to work on it immediately

Receive up to 200 FREE leads when you subscribe to one of their plans.

Coldlytics is one of our partners, we appreciate doing business with them because they deliver an amazing service, which gets us a higher reply rate on our outbound email campaigns.

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