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ClickCease Review: Is This software the Answer to Your Click Fraud Problems?

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If you have been experiencing problems with click fraud, then you may want to consider using ClickCease. This software is designed to help you fight back against fraudulent clicks and protect your business. In this review, we will take a closer look at what ClickCease has to offer, and determine whether or not it is the right solution for your needs.


Understanding Click Fraud


Click fraud is a type of fraud in which a malicious party generates fraudulent clicks on advertisements from online ad networks such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These fraudulent clicks occur when an individual clicks on ads repeatedly, either manually or through an automated system, to generate pay-per-click revenue for the entity responsible for the ad fraud.


Ad networks and businesses alike may pay a high price for fraudulent clicks. If you want to keep your online advertising campaign safe and effective, it is uber-necessary to take precautions to safeguard yourself from fraud clicks. And that’s where ClickCease comes in.


What is ClickCease?


ClickCease is a click fraud protection software and prevention tool that integrates with Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. It helps advertisers protect their investments from malicious attacks by monitoring traffic coming into Google Ad campaigns and blocking any suspicious clicks before they cost the advertiser money.


The service detects patterns of fraudulent activity using machine learning technology and then automatically blocks any activities that exhibit those patterns. ClickCease also offers detailed reporting on click fraud attempts, allowing advertisers to better understand how their campaigns are being targeted and what strategies they can employ to avoid future fraud attempts.


Why Should You Protect Your Ads from click fraud?

Businesses run ads to increase sales and bring in more revenue. It has been discovered over time that the influence of bots on advertising campaigns should not be underestimated. One of the biggest dangers to campaigns and the digital advertising space is the fake clicks by these bots. Google gives your ads a low rating after bots have abused them. What happens next is your ads won’t run anymore, and that’s a huge blow to your ad spend, PPC campaigns, and basically, your overall marketing efforts.


You should also never discount the possibility of competitors who purposefully tamper with the ads to affect conversion rates. Sad to say, these things really do happen. And that’s why it’s really necessary to safeguard your PPC links and ad campaigns with a tool like ClickCease.


ClickCease Features


Here are some of the features that make ClickCease a solid option to fight click fraud:


Click Fraud Detection


With the aid of its cutting-edge machine learning algorithm, Clickcease can accurately identify all fraudulent clicks on your advertising campaign. You are protected from certain types of fraudulent clicks, such as:


Competitor Clicks


You have to accept that it’s a dog eat dog eat world out there. And as we’ve mentioned earlier, you can never underestimate what the competition will do to get the upper hand. Mindlessly clicking on your ads is one of those things. When that happens, you basically can’t attract new customers and waste your Google Ads budget.


Bot clicks

Bots are designed to behave like humans. Research shows that 40% of internet traffic is bots. Without a doubt, they make up a large majority of these fraudulent clicks


Click farms

In this scenario, people are employed to click on a paid advertisement link. People really go to great lengths to sabotage a competitor.


Accidental Clicks

Obviously, this is really a thing. Anybody who uses the internet has accidentally clicked on an ad that they had no intention of viewing. According to a report, almost 50% of mobile ad clicks are unintentional.


Automated Click Fraud Blocking


Once ClickCease’s algorithm identifies a fraudulent IP address it automatically blocks it. It’s important to remember that these blocked IP addresses stay blocked forever. This feature prevents click fraud attacks while not blocking innocent people for an extended period of time.

ClickCease recommends that you use the default setting of 30 days; however, you have complete control over this setting and can change it to any value between 1 and 90 days.


Multiple Site Management


Depending on your subscription plan you can manage up to 30 websites using one ClickCease account.


Campaign Analytics


Although ClickCease primarily detects click fraud, it also provides an analysis of your campaign ads. Depending on your subscription plan, you can access competitor ad analysis, white label reports, benchmark analysis, and more.


Activity Dashboard


The dashboard displays various information about your campaigns as well as the types of clicks that have been received. You can see information like blocked IP addresses, reasons for blocking, keywords, campaigns, multi-clicks, click locations, threat level, and other detailed reports right there.


Customer Support


ClickCease offers excellent customer service. They have a team of dedicated professionals who are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have. From the moment you reach out, customer support is ready to help you with whatever issue you may have. Whether it is setting up your account, discussing billing concerns, or troubleshooting any technical problems




Despite not having a free plan, ClickCease does offer a 7-day free trial so you can try before you buy. After a few days, it is appropriate to integrate with an active account and evaluate the results.


Here is an overview of ClickCease’s offerings:


Standard – $69 per month


  • covers 5,000 monthly protected visits
  • Security for a single platform – Facebook ads or Google ads
  • Protection for one Website
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites
  • competitor analysis – three words maximum
  • ClickCease AI detection algorithm


Pro – $89 per month


  • Covers up to 10k monthly protected visits
  • Protection for 2 platforms Google Ads Account and Facebook Ads
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites
  • Protect up to 5 websites
  • Competitor ad analysis – up to 10 words
  • Cross-domain blocking
  • Account Overview
  • Session recording


Advanced – $109 per month


  • Covers up to 10k monthly protected visits
  • Protection for 2 platforms Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites
  • Protection for 30 websites
  • Competitor ad analysis – up to 100 keywords
  • White-label exportable reports
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Multiple domain setup
  • Account management


ClickCease vs. The Competition


When it comes to your Click Fraud protection software, as with any business tool, you should consider all of your options. Here are some ClickCease alternatives that you should take a good look at.


Lunio (formerly PPC Protect)


Lunio works just like ClickCease as a bot detection and prevention software. The tool helps businesses in identifying fraudulent, invalid, and unintentional clicks. But unlike ClickCease, Lunio only works on Google Ads.


Managers can assess traffic behavior and define the threat level of traffic across networks using a unified interface provided by the platform. Managers can generate reports from categorized click data to perform predictive analysis. Additionally, the solution enables operators to ensure compliance with GDPR protocols.




ClickGuard is yet another click fraud protection software that only works with Google Ads. It has more detailed analytic reporting than ClickCease, giving you all the information you need to rebuild your ads for better lead conversions.




TrafficGuard detects, mitigates, and reports digital ad fraud before your advertising budget takes a hit. The tool analyzes impressions, clicks, conversions, and events within the advertising journey to mitigate ad fraud at the earliest reliable detection. Their proactive approach keeps performance data clean and allows you to confidently scale and optimize your advertising. Like most of the click fraud protection software in the market, it only caters to Google Ads.




Opticks is an advanced user-friendly click fraud protection software. They’ve gotten great customer feedback validating their claim of being customer-focused. When it comes to user-friendliness and customization, they’ve consistently received high marks.




When it comes to ClickCease’s dashboard, the terminology can be a little confusing at first, but once you learn how they categorize the various types of click fraud, the dashboard can be extremely helpful.


Pricing could also be an issue for agencies that have clients with smaller budgets. Also, because their free trial period is only seven days, potential clients may not be able to get enough user experience and data to form the most educated decision on whether to sign up or not sign up for the service.




ClickCease is a solid option for click fraud protection and ad mismanagement. It is equipped with all the tools required to track clicks and manage your campaigns. Integration is really easy which makes it attractive for beginners and the non-tech-savvy. And unlike most of the click fraud protection software in the market, ClickCease works with both Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


If you are looking to increase your revenue and profits, and save money on your advertising budget, you can’t go wrong with ClickCease monitoring your ads 24/7. Expect cleaner traffic, decreased bounce rates, and say goodbye to spammy leads.

Rob Warner
Rob Warner

Rob Warner is a numbers man turned marketing geek. Rob walked away from a successful career in business finance to fulfill his ambition to be a professional marketer. He went from learning the fundamentals of Google advertising to now being a member of the Google Partners Executive Council and with a worldwide team managing over $20 billion of advertising spend a year on behalf of the marketing agencies and their clients. Rob started his own agency in 2012, having already acquired a client base with no larger marketing strategy than just word of mouth.

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