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Best Google Ads Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Your SEO

Google Ads Chrome Extension

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As a digital marketer, you know the importance of having a solid online presence and maximizing your return on investment. One of the keys to success is using the best Google Ads Chrome Extensions, powerful add-ons that can help you enhance your advertising campaigns and boost your performance.

What can Google Ads Extensions do for you?

With AdWords Extensions, you can add additional information to your ads, such as site links, callouts, structured snippets, location information, and more. This makes your ad stand out and provides potential customers with the information they need to take action.

Whether you’re a small business owner or managing a large-scale advertising campaign, AdWords Extensions can help you achieve your goals and drive better results. So, why make the most of this valuable resource and start using AdWords Extensions to supercharge your campaigns today?

But do note that a Google ad extension may not work with those using a free ad blocker.

Who is this guide for?

You desire more clicks that are of outstanding quality from users who will take action after they’ve reached your landing page. And for that, you need Google Ad extensions.

Although that might sound simple, it can be a time-consuming process. You could spend hours fiddling with each advertisement by running A/B tests on the tiniest of details like structure and copy – or you could benefit from Google Ads extensions instead!

Are you already familiar with Google Ads extensions? Perhaps you’ve heard of or read about them, or you’re utilizing them right now.

However, you may be unaware that Google continues to introduce additional types of displaying ads each year.

For the first part of this guide, we will look into each type of ad extension. Understanding this is crucial for optimizing them for maximum performance and making good use of your PPC budget.

Let us commence this journey.

What Are Google Ads Extensions?

A Google Ads extension helps you maximize your ad presence on search engine results pages (SERPs) and provides searchers with the facts they need to make informed decisions. You can extend your ads and increase visibility with just a few extra clicks, leading to more conversions!

Why Should You Use Them?

Ad extensions offer a vast array of advantages that almost every advertiser can gain. Let’s identify two key benefits:

  1. Expand your reach and make a bolder statement to potential customers using larger ad text. Let them know why they should click on your advertisement, enabling you to create a more compelling case for conversion.
  2. With extended ads, your visibility on SERPs grows exponentially. Their beautiful design is also sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

By relying on ad extensions alone, you can experience a massive increase in your clickthrough rate (CTR) Find out what is a good CTR for Google Ads here – potentially several percentage points. And this doesn’t even take into account the other countless advantages they offer, such as:

  • Boosting your lead quality. With more information available, poor-quality leads will be able to filter themselves out, and you’ll receive fewer irrelevant clicks. Consequently, the folks who do click through to your landing page are much more likely to take the desired action that you want them to take.
  • Improve your ad ranking quickly and easily with Google’s help. By utilizing the expected CTR, relevance, landing page experience, and other factors to determine the position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you can simplify the process by using ad extensions. This allows for a greater variety of advertisement formats that will elevate your rankings without too much extra effort.
  • Get more bang for your buck with PPC! Ad extensions have proven to raise clickthrough rates, reducing cost per click and giving you a more significant return on investment.

Manual And Automated Extensions

There are two forms of extensions: manual and automated.

It’s notably crucial to remember that Google has recently declared a variety of modifications to automated extensions, including permitting them to be featured alongside manually added elements like site links, callouts, and structured snippets.

When you add Extensions to your ads, they will occupy more space on SERP pages, thus driving in more clicks. You can apply for these extensions at Ad Group or Campaign/Account levels for better tracking and reporting purposes.

Moz Toolbar

Moz ToolBar product page screenshot

The MozBar has been a lifesaver during client calls, and SEO audits when I need to provide answers quickly regarding details of pages such as page titles, heading tags, no-follow links count and locations, Page Authority, or Domain Authority.

How It Works

Your free Moz account gives you access to the following:

  • Custom Searches
  • Link Metrics
  • Page Overlay
  • On-Page Links (Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal)
  • Social Metrics
  • Data Export (CSV)

MozPro subscribers get a lot more information in their toolbar.

Is MozBar useful?

I rely on this remarkable tool every day, particularly when it comes to scrutinizing websites for detailed analysis. Whether I have to dive deep into one page or several pages, its functions make the process significantly easier.

Keyword research can be the key to success when competing with other businesses. That’s why this tool comes in handy during competitive audits! Are you ready to take your business up a level?

Redirect Path

Redirect Path is a great chrome extension to have when examining individual pages or a small collection of web pages. It provides an easy way to identify and troubleshoot errors such as 404s, 301s, and client-side redirects in one place. If you’re looking for a thorough website audit, however, this tool might not be as handy.

How It Works

Click the icon, and a dropdown menu reveals all available redirect paths for that page. You can access more precise information like server, content type, language, or modification date with just one click.

Is Redirect Path practical?

This resource is unrivaled in its ability to view the sequential order of all your paths instantly. You can easily identify redirection errors and broken links, as it also inspects JavaScript and meta refresh redirects. It is exceedingly helpful for testing to rewrite rules, mapping out landing page redirections, tracing back chains of multiple-level redirection—the list goes on! Best yet? There’s a handy copy-to-clipboard button that conveniently saves time when needed most.

Web Developer Checklist

Get a comprehensive review of any website in no time with the Web Dev Checklist extension. Just one click, and you’ll have an extensive overview from usability to best practices, along with an abundance of other must-know items.

How It Works

When you click the icon, a dropdown menu will appear that outlines what areas of the site need improvement and which are excelling.

Is Web Developer Checklist helpful?

A client might say, “There is an unwanted page appearing in the SERPs, and how do I get rid of it?” With my handy Web Developer Checklist to help me, I can quickly identify that they are not using robots.txt and provide them with one for review. Adding this file to Search Console will resolve the issue promptly.


TableCapture is an invaluable Chrome extension that makes it effortless to copy HTML tables and paste them into Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or Open Office. With this helpful tool, you can effortlessly transform your web data quickly and accurately.

How It Works

When you visit a page showcasing an HTML table, make sure to click the TableCapture icon. Doing so will prompt a dropdown menu with all of the tables present on that webpage – select whichever one best suits your needs.

Afterward, you can opt to either copy the table or paste it into Google Docs. Not only is this process effortless, but all links are also brought along with any other data in your source by selecting ‘Extract link URLs from table cells’ under Options; bear in mind that these will be included as ordinary text beside them instead of anchor text.

Is TableCapture useful?

This tool is immensely helpful for myriad research activities, such as analyzing competitor websites and generating lead-generation ideas. It has also been invaluable to financial analysts and journalists alike.

When I’m tackling PPC projects, my clients usually request that their advertisements be limited to particular locations. This leaves me needing to assemble a list of zip codes – but thankfully TableCapture is here! It makes the chore so much easier than doing it manually; all I have to do is access a table with the relevant zip codes and get them into an uploadable format for Google Ads.


Ghostery Chrome Extension Landing page screenshot

Protect yourself from online tracking with Ghostery! With web admins constantly collecting information about your preferences and behavior on their websites, the internet can be a daunting place. That’s why Ghostery comes in handy; designed to enhance your privacy by providing you insight into which website is monitoring what activities of yours so that you make informed decisions about what data to share.

How It Works

Using this extension delivers an organized list of trackers used by the website and provides you with the choice to block these tracking devices for enhanced browsing.

Is Ghostery useful?

While many people use this to block ads, I put it to other uses. For instance, when a page takes too long to load up, I can quickly turn off trackers and determine if that is the reason behind the slow loading issue. Furthermore, as part of my search engine campaigns (SEM), staying informed on recent trends helps me gain an edge over our competitors.

By using this tool, I can identify which ad networks they’re running & whether or not their utilizing remarketing/retargeting practices.

Page Load Time

The Page Load Time extension is my top pick when it comes to page loading times. This fantastic tool does exactly what its name implies: it reveals the time a page takes to load after you’ve navigated there. Opening up this incredible technology will give you an organized breakdown, allowing you to understand why your site may lag in speed.

How It Works

This extension works tirelessly to inform you of page load times. As soon as your page is done loading, the chrome extension will show how much time it took and in what order tasks were completed. If desired, click on the icon for a pop-up window providing more details about each event’s duration.

Is Page Load Time good?

Google has made page speed a significant factor in its search engine ranking algorithm. This means that if your website or pages take too long to load, they will not appear on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Not only is this bad for SEO, but it also affects user experience negatively; no one wants their visitors to have a slow loading time.

When I’m trying to figure out why my client’s page is taking so long to load up, Page Load Time helps me identify and work on solving the problem quickly. With this tool at hand, I can show my clients how exactly they can fix the sluggishness issue.

Character Count

Character Count is a straightforward tool that reveals just how many characters you have chosen to highlight on any given webpage, and its simplicity makes it all the more valuable. The tool is also essential for making acceptable ads for mobile devices.

How It Works

To start utilizing this chrome extension, it’s as simple as clicking the button to turn it on. After that, all you need to do is highlight some text within your browser, and you will instantly be able to view how many characters are in the highlighted section at the top right corner of your screen.

Is Character Count proper?

Crafting ad copy and website reviews is a breeze when I understand how many characters are on the page.

When advertising for clients, my first move is to check out what landing page they want users to visit; then, I go over the text on that page, pinpointing anything which succinctly illustrates its purpose.

Will it fit as a headline in Google Ads? Could it be blended into the description? Additionally, character count significantly helps me write meta descriptions – because of this, I need to capture the general concept of each webpage in fewer than 155 characters.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere not only helps you to identify similar keywords and access Google search volume and Cost per Click data, but it also saves me time by integrating multiple keyword tools. This makes SEO and SEM much easier for me!

How It Works

The Chrome Extension is always active, so with every search you make, you will receive Google volume information and CPC data for that particular keyword.

Not only can you observe keyword data via Google Search but also through other platforms.

Is Keywords Everywhere useful?

After I perform a Google search for the keyword I’m considering, by scrolling down to the bottom of the results page, all related queries will be accessible. Just press “Add All Keywords” on the right-hand side of your screen, and they’ll be saved instantly!

The keywords that I need for my research are always stored in my favorites. The data is easy to access and can be conveniently downloaded or copied into any document type of my choice.

It gets even better. After I access Google Analytics or the Search Console, it’s easy to find keywords that have already begun driving people to my site and gain monthly volume and CPC data for them in any report.

Keywords Everywhere have revolutionized the way we search by offering a brand-new feature that allows you to upload thousands of keywords (up to 10,000!) at once and get pertinent data for each.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics landing page screen shot

If you’re an implementation specialist, it’s essential that you accurately check and debug how a website is using Google Analytics and Tag Manager. Fortunately, there are lots of great tools available to help with this process.

Types Of Google Ads Extensions

Another way of looking into improving your PPC campaigns is to identify which type of Google Ads extensions are worth your time.

We look at the most prominent extension types here:

Location Extensions

Location extensions help people locate your whereabouts by isolating it on its own line, including a map to guide them there and even the distance between them. Mobile users also gain access to an easily accessible phone number or call button for convenience purposes.

This innovative tool is optimal for any business reliant on face-to-face services, such as restaurants, stores, barbershops, and beauty salons.

For primarily online companies, obtaining a physical address can provide numerous advantages, such as heightened legitimacy in customers’ eyes.

Product Extensions

By synchronizing your Google Ads account with Google Merchant, product extensions can drastically upgrade the visibility of your products.

This tool is invaluable for any campaign if you’re aiming to sell products related to your target keywords.

To ensure your campaigns reach the desired audience, it is essential to be as granular and detailed with them as possible. This can be particularly advantageous if you offer a broad range of products since they are more exact than locations or telephone numbers.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions enable users to explore your website rather than simply landing on a single page. Making it easier for visitors to find what they desire can result in substantial increases in CTRs. Offering these links helps guide customers directly where you want them to go and makes their journey much smoother so that both parties are satisfied.

Sitelink extensions are handy for driving traffic to important pages like Contact Us, pricing and sale pages, or customer testimonials. E-commerce websites have successfully used them to direct their customers toward specific product category pages. You can add these site links manually or set up automated extension rules.

Seller Ratings Extensions

Increase credibility and establish customer trust by displaying seller rating extensions on Google. It displays your overall rating, comprised of reviews sourced from respected business review sites, in an easy-to-read five-star scale format.

It also often provides a qualifier that explains the rating (e.g., same-day delivery). By showcasing these details about your company’s reputation through this extension, you can gain customer confidence and strengthen relationships between buyers and sellers.

These types of automated extensions are visible only if your reviews meet a certain criterion, with the minimum number of unique reviews and an average rating of 3.5 stars or higher.

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions provide countless options and a concise way to emphasize key selling points, promotions, or any other applicable information about your business. These 25-character snippets are the perfect tool for highlighting what makes your company unique!

If you’re looking to share information about any special offers or celebratory milestones, callout extensions are an ideal option. Whether it’s a 25% off sale, complimentary shipping, or your business’ 50th anniversary – callouts make these moments easy and accessible for consumers.

You can use up to six callout extensions per ad campaign, and they must cover the entire product or service you are promoting. To make them more effective, it is best to include numbers and precise details (for instance: “Only five left in stock” works better than “limited quantities remain”).

Furthermore, your website can benefit from dynamic callouts that include detailed and accurate information, such as “online reservations,” allowing for an improved user experience.

Structured Snippets Extensions

Structured snippets extension, identified by colons, are helpful in showcasing particular products and services that users may desire. With these snippets, you can quickly highlight features to draw in potential customers!

Responsible for an astonishing 35.1% of clicks, sitelinks let users recognize who you are and what services or products you provide – optimizing quality clicks while stretching your budget further. You can choose to apply these detailed information ads manually, or they can likewise be set up automatically by Google.

Call Extensions

With a call extension, your ad is just a click away from potential customers! Not only do their phone numbers appear in the mobile version of your advertisement, but conversions are also tracked. In other words, you can measure how successful and valuable your banner ads have been based on the number of calls generated.

You can either include call extensions manually or let Google take care of them effortlessly.

Affiliate Location Extensions

An affiliate location extension is a great asset for companies that offer their products through retailers. Not only do they help customers locate nearby stores that carry your product, but they also assist them in making an informed decision on what and where to purchase.

This is especially useful for big brand manufacturers whose items can be found in several retail chains, as these extensions don’t display the exact business address.

Price Extensions

It’s widely known that price contributes to a substantial portion of buying decisions. Price extensions help you communicate the cost with prospective customers before reaching your website, creating trust and transparency between yourself and searchers. Therefore, users are more prepared to make an informed purchase once they arrive on your site.

If your business has fluctuating prices, service bundles, or a variety of products to offer, then these extensions are the perfect solution. They can help you make sales faster and more efficiently than ever before. They also help you get your online advertisements just right.

App Extensions

It’s no secret that almost everybody has a mobile application, from the neighborhood pizza parlor to real estate agents. App extensions provide you with an effortless way to offer prospective customers a download link in your text ad and provide tracking for downloads based on keywords. Therefore, it’s easy for users who are interested in accessing your banner ads!

Mobile users can now be directed to your app in iTunes or the Google Play Store with these specialized links.

Promotion Extensions

Attain higher clickthroughs from individuals browsing for their ideal deals using promotion extensions!

Utilize these to emphasize sales and promotions within your advertisement, which appear beneath it and feature a striking price tag icon or deal. You can even display up to two lines of text that allow users more insight into what you offer.

The best part of these (apart from their efficiency) is that Google gives you a lot of freedom in how to use them. You can show promotion extensions on certain dates, days, or even hours; additionally, you can populate relevant event tags such as Black Friday and the end-of-summer sale.

Lead Form Extensions

Google Ads’ revolutionary lead form extensions provide a practical solution for users by allowing them to submit their contact details directly on the SERP, eliminating the need to fill out a form on your landing page.

For searchers using their Google account, pre-populated information can be submitted with a single click. This makes getting qualified leads into your marketing funnel easier and drastically reduces the sales cycle.

Video Extensions

With Video Extensions, your message can extend beyond the primary video and keep viewers engaged on YouTube mobile app. This feature allows you to display an actionable element beneath your video ad and drive desired outcomes. They are great for YouTube ads.

Image Extensions

Image extensions are the perfect way to add eye-catching visuals to your text ads and boost performance.

Not all advertisers qualify for this extension. It would help if you met specific criteria such as a history of compliance with Google Ads policies, an active Google Ads account in one of our eligible industry verticals, and currently running campaigns.

How To Set Up And Create Google Ads Chrome Extensions

Here’s how you can set up the best Google Ads Extensions:

To kickstart your journey to success, you must identify what objectives you want to accomplish and discover which extensions can help bring these goals to fruition. Do you need clients to contact or email you? Visit your website? Give away their information? It would be best if you answered these questions before deciding on the proper extension.

Identify the action you require your audience to take, and subsequently choose an extension that enables this. Then, it’s a straightforward process:

  1. Log into your Google Ads account.
  2. Select your campaign or ad group.
  3. Click the “Ads & extensions” tab, then “Extensions.”
  4. Select the extension(s) you want.
  5. Customize each type of extension.
  6. Click “Save.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google AdWords Chrome Extensions?

Google AdWords Chrome Extensions are browser add-ons that help you enhance your AdWords experience by providing additional features and functionalities. They can help you save time, increase efficiency, and improve your campaigns’ performance.

What are the best AdWords Chrome Extensions?

Some of the best AdWords Chrome Extensions include AdWords Scripts, AdWords Editor, AdWords Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, and Ad Customizer. These extensions provide valuable insights, data analysis, and optimization tools to help you get the most out of your AdWords campaigns.

Can I use Google AdWords Chrome Extensions with other browsers?

No, Google AdWords Chrome Extensions are only available with the Chrome browser.


Final Thoughts

Are you searching for a straightforward way to increase clicks exponentially, attract more web visitors, and transform your leads into clients? Look no further than these best Google Ads Chrome extensions, some of which are completely free. With an array of choices available, one is right for each organization, regardless of its industry.

It is your prerogative to decide which works best for you, but one thing is certain: when diligently utilized, they will facilitate the acquisition of more excellent leads and enable you to maximize your PPC budget.

Rob Warner
Rob Warner

Rob Warner is a numbers man turned marketing geek. Rob walked away from a successful career in business finance to fulfill his ambition to be a professional marketer. He went from learning the fundamentals of Google advertising to now being a member of the Google Partners Executive Council and with a worldwide team managing over $20 billion of advertising spend a year on behalf of the marketing agencies and their clients. Rob started his own agency in 2012, having already acquired a client base with no larger marketing strategy than just word of mouth.

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