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Best Free Google Adwords Keyword Wrapper Tools

Google Adwords Keyword Wrapper

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Proper keyword research is crucial for your Google ad campaigns. It’s fundamental for any advertising campaign you conduct across different platforms. It can guarantee the highest-quality content on all your websites. All in all, it’s the best strategy for the efficient investment of your advertising budget.

Using a keyword research tool is an excellent starting point, nevertheless, you need to fine-tune your strategy to get the best possible results, and that’s where a keyword wrapper tool comes in handy. 

Today we will present the Best Free Google AdWords keyword wrapper tools to watch over.

What is a Google Keyword Wrapper Tool?

It is a fundamental tool for search engine marketing (SEM), specifically for Pay-Per-Click (PPC advertising). It helps marketers organize and structure their keyword list by assigning categories like ad group and match type. 

As you can imagine, keyword wrapper tools transform organizing and managing keyword types into an easy process because you can sort all your data according to specific criteria.

These tools are essential for running Google Ads campaigns, Microsoft Ads, and ads in other digital advertising platforms in an organized and efficient way.

Like with other software, there are free and paid options, so you can find the one that suits your specific needs.

What Are the Different Types of Keyword Wrapper Tools?

Pricing is not the only criterion that makes keyword planners different from each other. According to their features and functionalities, they can be divided into browser extensions and stand-alone (web-based) applications. 

Each platform has a particular set of features that make it different and appealing to a specific segment of marketers. Some keyword wrappers may include negative keyword suggestions, while others only consider keyword research.

How Does a Keyword Wrapper Tool Work

The mechanism is similar among different keyword planner software and tools. The user feeds a starting keyword or keyphrase and generates a list of related search terms paired with valuable data on search volume, competition, and other metrics relevant to SEM.

Marketers use this information to gain a deeper understanding of how to market to their target audience, understanding the keywords and phrases their audience looks for in search engines they can optimize to rank higher in organic search and direct their PPC Advertising efforts.

The real value of tools lies not only in the keywords but also in their ability to group keywords to generate specific keyword lists tailored to groups and segments of the target audience.

How to Use a Keyword Wrapper Tool

Every ad software is different. Tools may differ in features and capabilities. Adapt your process accordingly.

  1. Select the match types you are targeting and other options, for example: removing duplicates.
  2. Write the keyword in the search box
  3. Copy your search results
  4. Save your results and use them to optimize your advertising strategies.

Some Background on Google Keyword Match Types

Depending on their nature, Google’s keywords types are :

  • Broad Match Keywords: they help you target similar keywords, which means your ads can display even if the research intent doesn’t match your exact word or phrase. Let’s say you select the broad match for “massage therapists” Your ad could also appear for searches on “massage spa”, or “therapeutic massage”.
  • Phrase Match Keywords: It is a specific search, and your ads will display for users searching for your specific phrase.
  • Exact Match Keywords: when you go for an exact match keyword campaign your ad displays only for the exact match of that keyword or keyword phrase. Note that using an exact match excludes all the queries with additional words or related phrases.
  • Negative Match Keywords: the objective of negative match keywords is to exclude your ad from search queries that include your exact keyword phrase.

Depending on the campaign objectives, marketing goals, and target audience, marketers can determine the most appropriate approach to their keyword research efforts.

The 5 Best Free Google AdWords Keyword Wrapper Tools

Google Ads Keyword Tool (Google Ads Keyword Planner)

The free tool provided by Google helps advertisers and marketers research and analyze the keywords to enhance and boost their advertising efforts. It provides insights on search volumes, competition levels, and even suggested bids for specific keywords on a particular niche.

Answer the Public

It is an online free tool (3 free queries per day) that helps you find the keyword ideas to help you create quality content to drive organic traffic to your site. The tool bases its information on the queries people are researching in search engines.

Answer the public is easy to use and provides a visual representation of the data in the form of a cloud word or a cloud wheel. Users can sort the results considering parameters like location, language, or target audience helping you sort and organize your keywords easily.

All things considered, Answer the Public is a robust tool for content creators, marketers, and SEO specialists looking to enhance their content strategy and optimize their keyword targeting.

AdWords Wrapper

It’s a free online tool you can use to wrap keywords in quotation marks for phrase matches, square brackets for exact matches, and a + sign for a broad match. The intention behind sorting keywords in this manner is that you can have them ready to use in your campaigns quickly.

There is no need for software download or registration because this Google keyword wrapper works online, doesn’t require registration, and grants you immediate and unlimited access.

KW Finder (Mangools)

It is a paid tool, but it has a free version that allows you to conduct three daily searches and find up to 50 related keywords in each search. 

The tool offers general insight into the information you need to compete with top-ranking websites in your niche including search volumes and keyword metrics. If you try the free version, and decide it is the tool you want to invest in there are three triers for the paid version of KW Finder. The basic plan starts at $49 per month, the premium plan costs $69 per month and the agency plan starts at $ 129 per month.

Wordstream’s Free Google Ads Keyword Tool

The tools were specifically designed with Google Ads in mind. Its unique features make it simple to spot the strongest keyword opportunities for a successful and converting campaign.

Using the free keyword tool will allow you to identify relevant keywords to your business and niche, keyword data based on your geographic location, and a score that determines the potential impact of your keywords, and the best part is you can integrate this great tool inside your Google Ads account.


What is Google Ads, Performance Grader?

The Google Ads Performance Grader is a free tool offered by Google to help advertisers have a better insight into the performance of their campaigns according to Google’s PPC best practices.

The performance grader has 17 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to provide insights on the performance of your campaigns and offers insights on how to improve it. The tool targets the areas where your campaign is underperforming and provides insights for the necessary improvements.

Note that you can track your performance and progress over time, the value of these features lies in the potential to suggest optimization strategies based on your campaign’s historical data, with no guesswork and speculation.

Is Google Ads Keyword Planner Good for SEO?

The tool is mainly for Google Ads keywords, however, some data can provide keyword ideas and search volume data you can use for SEO purposes. Here is how you can use the Keyword Planner for your SEO efforts.

  • Find relevant keywords
  • Identify the keywords with high search volume 
  • Determine location-specific search volumes 
  • Discover Long-Tail Keywords
  • Find low-difficulty keywords
  • Analyze your competitors’ keywords

Used wisely, the Google Ads Keyword Planner has the potential to nurture and enhance your SEO strategies and efforts.

Which Keyword Match Is Best for Google Ads?

It’s difficult to answer this question, as multiple factors can affect the success of a Google Ads campaign, like the marketing objectives, the target audience, and the advertising budget. That said, a broad match can be more effective for targeting a larger audience. For a specific audience, consider using a phrase match.

Using an exact match will give you more precision in the intended segment to target, however, it has a lower reach but higher conversion rates. 

As you can see, it depends on your objectives and how you decide to approach your audience.

Wrapping Up

Several factors influence the success of your Adwords campaign, and finding the relevant keywords is fundamental for the success of your strategy, but other tools are worth considering to organize your strategy more efficiently.

Depending on the size of your operations and budget, you can start with paid tools, but for small operations, free tools offer a reliable option to get started. You can consider investing in paid plans according to the growth of your business and campaigns. Thanks for reading!

Rob Warner
Rob Warner

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