Adzooma Review: Can this digital marketing platform be the one for you?

Rob Warner

Updated September 15, 2023

adzooma review

Table of Content

Table of Contents

Digital marketing platforms and automation tools provide a plethora of advantages and benefits to entrepreneurs in today’s marketing landscape. It can help you save time, energy, and resources, streamline your operations, and drive online business success. There are numerous tools on the market, and not all of them are created equal. In this article, we’ll look at Adzooma, an online advertising platform, and see if it’s the one that will fit your needs.

What is Adzooma

Adzooma is an online marketing platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses optimize their online advertising campaigns across multiple channels, including Google Ads, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, and LinkedIn Ads., and offers a wide range of features.

The platform is designed to make online marketing easy, even for those without extensive marketing experience. Its easy-to-use interface, automated optimization features, and robust analytics make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their online advertising performance.

Who is it for?

Adzooma can be particularly useful for businesses that:

Want to streamline their advertising efforts

Adzooma can help businesses automate and optimize their ad campaigns, making it easier to manage multiple campaigns and channels from a single platform.

Have limited marketing resources

SMBs often have limited marketing resources, and Adzooma can help them save time and improve the efficiency of their advertising efforts.

Are looking to improve ROI

Adzooma’s optimization features can help businesses improve their campaign performance and reduce costs, ultimately leading to a better return on investment.

Need to scale their advertising efforts

Adzooma can help businesses scale their advertising efforts by making it easier to manage and optimize large campaigns across multiple channels.

Want to gain insights into their campaigns

Adzooma provides businesses with valuable insights into their campaigns, including performance metrics, audience data, and more. This information can help inform future marketing strategies and improve overall ROI.

Key Features

Here’s a rundown of Adzooma’s top features:


Adzooma Listings ensures that your company is found wherever potential customers are looking. Because 97% of people learn more about a local business online than anywhere else, you must rank high in search results for your industry.

Depending on the platform, you can include a wide range of crucial details, such as your company’s address, phone number, email, website, business category, language(s), service areas, opening hours, payment options, company description, appointments needed, required online, and much more.


Adzooma Reviews makes it incredibly simple to respond to, evaluate, and track customer reviews of your company on various platforms. It compiles all of your online customer reviews from sites like Facebook, Google, and TripAdvisor so you can manage them all from one dashboard.

Web Score Reporting

The Web Score Report evaluates a website’s technical performance, usability, and speed. Customers are more likely to find and buy what they’re looking for on your website if it’s quick and simple to use.

The report highlights areas where website visitors can have a better experience and generates an overall score with a breakdown of high-scoring and low-scoring factors.

PPC Performance Reporting

The PPC Performance Report from Adzooma provides a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your entire account. It gives you a general account “score” to help you determine what’s working and where improvement is needed. It can pinpoint the exact areas of concern that are contributing to underperformance or overspending and pinpoint quick fixes. Regardless of your level of experience, using the report is fairly simple.


Adzooma’s Opportunities feature is specific suggestions that can help you with your campaigns. They are created by analyzing more than 50 key metrics from your Google and Microsoft Ads accounts and are particular to your data, clients, company, and business sector.

Utilizing the Opportunities feature will improve campaign effectiveness, cut down on wasteful spending, and save you hours of manual labor.


Automations are a hassle-free way to guarantee that your online marketing campaigns are performing at their best. You can create personalized rules and alerts using automation to manage your advertising campaigns.

Adzooma Automation gives you the ability to adjust your budgets and prioritize successful campaigns, find opportunities for growth with spending countless hours on data analysis


Adzooma Management is a time-saving solution that gives you the freedom to concentrate on your overall marketing strategies.

With an intuitive single-screen interface, you can manage your campaigns in a matter of minutes. You can view key metrics for all of your campaigns, ad groups, and advertisements. You can be sure that every choice you make is supported by current, accurate information because your campaign data automatically updates.

Clever Campaigns

You can quickly and easily create Google Advertising campaigns with Adzooma’s campaign builder without having to do any keyword research, ad writing, or campaign setting configuration.

Adzooma will create your advertising campaigns for you automatically after you respond to a few brief and simple questions. This includes all of the tools you’ll need for effective advertising, including ad groups to cover various services, keyword phrases, and the ads themselves.

SEO Reporting

The Adzooma SEO Performance Report gives you a quick and simple way to assess your progress and fine-tune your strategies.

All of your website’s crucial performance elements are examined by SEO reporting to ensure that it operates quickly and effectively, pleasing both search engines and site visitors. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to understand the data because everything is explained to you in the most straightforward manner possible without using any technical terms.


Adzooma offers two plans:

Essentials – Free

With more features than you’d anticipate from a free plan, Adzooma Essentials enables you to easily set up, track, and manage your online advertising campaigns. This includes the following:

  • Monitoring and tracking of your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads all in one place
  • Optimizations that help you improve your campaign for better results
  • Automated rules that streamline tasks and cut hours of manual work
  • Campaign Performance Reports tracking your ad spend

Plus – $99 per month

You can upgrade to our Adzooma Plus plan to get all the benefits of our Essentials package plus additional features such as:

  • Listings & Reviews Management
  • Premium Opportunities with landing page analysis and bid adjustments
  • 81 additional automation templates
  • Advanced SEO insights
  • Dedicated Account Management

Pros and Cons


  • Manage multiple accounts in one place
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Identifies areas of improvement
  • Campaign optimization with just a few clicks
  • Excellent customer support
  • Creating ads is made easy


  • Video tutorials are lacking
  • Slow to set up
  • Data can be inaccurate at times
  • Limited features for Facebook


Do you need a Google/Facebook/Microsoft account to get started?

When you join the Adzooma platform, you’ll have the option to open a new Google Ads account. Once you have completed the registration process, you can use the Adzooma platform to create your Google Ads campaigns.

But to begin using Adzooma, you will first need to register for Facebook and Microsoft ads on their respective native platforms.

How long do you get free access to Essentials?

The Essentials plan is forever free.

Is your data secure?

Adzooma will never share your data for any reason; we will only use it to create and analyze your account.

Wrap Up

In this Adzooma review, we’ve shown how this digital marketing platform can be a valuable asset to businesses looking to improve their online advertising performance, increase efficiency, and save time and resources. The great thing about it is that they offer a free plan. If you’re not too sure about the platform, you can test it out at no expense. If you’re happy with what you see, then you can easily jump on the paid plan with confidence. 

Rob Warner

Rob Warner is a numbers man turned marketing geek. Rob walked away from a successful career in business finance to fulfill his ambition to be a professional marketer. He went from learning the fundamentals of Google advertising to now being a member of the Google Partners Executive Council and with a worldwide team managing over $20 billion of advertising spend a year on behalf of the marketing agencies and their clients. Rob started his own agency in 2012, having already acquired a client base with no larger marketing strategy than just word of mouth.

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