How Does Virtual Valley Work?


You have heard about us through Twitter, a friend or have reached our awesome blog through Google.

And now you have an inkling about what Virtual Valley does but do not understand how the platform works and how we can help you work ON your business and not IN your business.

Well you have landed on the right web page because in the next 10 minutes, this is EXACTLY what you are going to learn.

Who This Post Will Help:

  • All those people who have asked me “What Is Virtual Valley?“
  • Anyone who currently runs an virtual business and is spending too much time in the day to day running
  • Anyone who is considering setting up a virtual business and wants to be successful

How To Read This Post:

  • Go through step by step, otherwise we will lose you, though if you are intelligent it will be possible to skim read each headline

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What Is Virtual Valley?

Virtual Valley is a Virtual Team Member that connects Entrepreneurs with Awesome Virtual Team Members. We have designed the marketplace to enable Entreprenuers to hire a new Team Member within 5 minutes and 7 click from landing our homepage (like Amazon 1-Click but for people).

After all, if you are recruiting to save time, sure you want to minimise the amount of time you spend trying to save time?

Once an Entrepreneurs PayPal account or Credit/Debit card has been validated and the Hire Request has been accepted by the Team Member, the Entrepreneur is able to view the contact details of the Team Member and can commence work off of the platform. All the work completed is recorded with our proprietary Time Tracking software that feeds back Total Time, Active Time (as measured by mouse/keyboard activity) and 6 screenshots (taken at random intervals) per hour to the Entrepreneur Dashboard.

The Total Time spent is then multiplied by the Hourly Rate of the Team Member and this amount if taken from the Entrepreneurs PayPal or bank account, with 80% going directly to the Team Member and 20% going to Virtual Valley.

Simple right?

The rest of the post takes your step by step through the journey of hiring an awesome Virtual Team Member…

Create An Account

As with any platform you must first create an account so we can take your email address, circulate it with multiple third parties and then spam you for the next 6 months (Joking!)

Go here:

Get Started

Or use one of the multiple “Get Started” buttons on the Home Page.

Ensure that “Entrepreneur” is selected in the drop down and then enter your details.

You Can Now Register With Code “LAUNCH“.

After you have clicked on “Register” you will be sent an email to confirm your email address and once the link in that email has been clicked you will be directed back to the “Get Started” page and will be able to log in using the details you provided.

Post A Role

Ok, we’re in…

You have two options to locate your Rockstar Virtual Assistant: Post A Role or Browse Team Members.

To Post A Role, go here:

Post A Role

And enter the details of the role for which you are recruiting:

  • Role Title – Title of your role
  • Hourly Rate – The hourly rate that you are prepared to pay for your Rockstar Team Member
  • Role Start Date – The start date of your role
  • Role Description – Describe what your Rockstar Team Member will be doing
  • Add Skills – Add the skills your require of your Rockstar Team Member

Click submit and your Role Post will be displayed to all of the Rockstar Team Members in our database. You will receive an email every time that a Team Member applies to your Role.

Browse Team Members

If you do not have a specific role to recruit for, you can simple browse our database of Rockstar Team Members by clicking here:

Browse Team Members

Currently we are only providing Rockstar Team Members in the General Virtual Assistant Category but will open up new Categories in the near future.

You can sort Team Member by Hourly Rate or Full/Part Time by using these buttons:


Once you have found a Rockstar Team Member that could be a good fit for your business you can view their profile:


You can view their Overview, Profile Image, Skills, Hourly Rate and a video showing them introducing themselves.

You can Bookmark Team Member to build your shortlist and to come back to the Team Member later.

Question Team Members

You can Message Team Member to discuss the role in greater detail:


We do not yet support video conferencing inside the platform prior to hiring, though this is next on our list…

Hire Team Member

Once you are happy with your Rockstar Team Member and their Hourly Rate, you can Hire though the platform through Virtual Valley using the orange buttons on the Team Member profile and on the Message screen:

You will be prompted to agree with the Virtual Valley Terms Of Service:


Validate Credit/Debit Card Or PayPal Account

And then to validate your PayPal email address:


(StartOut Consulting is the parent company of Virtual Valley).

Once validated, you will be sent back to Virtual Valley and will need to select the role (if any!) that you have hired for, in this example below, this TM was not hired for a specific role:


And to select the role which you are hiring the Team Member for (if any).

When successful, a hiring request is sent to the Team Member.

When the Team Member accepts the hiring request you will receive an email:


And will be directed to their profile where you will now able to view their contact details:


and will be able to view their contact details on their profile.

Start Work & Track Time

You can now start working directly with your Team Member on other communication tools outside of the platform and as this happens, as if by magic…


… Data will find it’s way from your Team Members machine to your “My Team Section” in your Entrepreneur account.

  • The Total Time Spent
  • The Total Active Time (Measured through tracking keyboard and mouse activity)
  • 6 Screenshots Per Hour Taken At Random Intervals

You can also review a summary of all of your Team Member spend in the “Time Tracking” section of your profile:


Review Payment

At the end of the month, Virtual Valley will be in touch (this is not yet automated) to communicate the total amount that will be charged to your PayPal account for your approval prior to the final day of the month when the payment will be taken.


Overtime, we will be invest a specific amount of our revenue into improving Virtual Valley, any ideas? Tweet us.

At Virtual Valley, we are streamlining the outsourcing process to leave you to spend the MAXIMUM amount of time working ON your business as opposed to IN your business.

Thus overtime, you will have to spend ZERO time to with payroll, admin and recruiting, which gives you more time to spend doing the things that matter, whatever that may be.

Ok Sounds Good, But How Do You Guys Make Money?

Good question…

As you may have read here, Virtual Valley has made a journey through various business models in it’s development.

Though we decided that the most effective method to monetise would be through a 20% uplift on the Rockstar Team Member hourly rate.

We were originally going to charge Entrepreneurs a monthly membership to access our database of Rockstar Virtual Team Members.

Though we realised through speaking to our customers that value could be added through longer term security provided by a payment escrow service and time tracking software, so we built it 🙂

When Virtual Valley takes your monthly payment we remove 20% and invest that back into our business and pass on the rest to the Team Member.

If you have any other questions, you have three options:

  1. Leave a comment in the box below and we will respond within 12 hours
  2. Head here to view our Frequently Asked Questions and use the Chat Widget in the bottom left corner
  3. Add our manager “zandrollano” on Skype

OK, let’s get started:


See you on the inside!